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Submit video reviews

We love to showcase our happy customers sharing with us their real reviews. So if you would like to receive a 50% refund on the purchase price* of any product you have bought from us then all you need to do is simply:

  1. Think of showing us how you are using your product and tell us in what ways it is helping you.
  2. Once you have your idea simply record a short video, with sound, on your mobile device for no more than 70 seconds.
  3. Send your video review to us via:
  • WhatsApp  07468491462
  • Facebook (go to our page The Bad Back Company and send us a message containing your video review)


When Do I Receive My Refund?

If your video is chosen to be used on our website we will contact you and issue your 50% refund


Video Tips

Make sure we can hear your comments clearly

Make sure we can see the product, even showcase it while in use


*We refund 50% of the product price. We do not refund any postage costs in this feature.



We will only refund to a maximum value of 100% of the purchase price for faulty or unwanted items. If you receive a 50% video refund and later go on to return the item for a full refund you will only receive a further 50% refund to a total value of 100% of original purchase price.