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Florisene® for Hair Growth

To help women maximise hair growth

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"Florisene with iron to help maximise hair growth in women"
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Lamberts Florisene® has been developed by one of the UK's leading hair specialists. It is a clinically supported programme to help maximise hair growth in women suffering from Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE)

Is Florisene for Me?

Do you have less hair in your pony tail or less hair to clip back than you used to? Have you noticed in hair loss when washing, brushing and combing your hair? If so Florisene could be of real help for you. Florisene® is for hair loss which is evenly distributed across your scalp due to CTE. This may not be noticeable to anyone else but it is to you.

What is Chronic Telogen Effluvium (CTE) ?

Nearly 5 million women in the UK suffer from CTE which is a term used to describe excessive, persistent, but reversible hair shedding caused by a nutritional shortfall in iron also referred to as is low serum ferritin, which is the amount of stored iron in the body and not to be confused with iron associated with the heamoglobin of red blood cells. Women will typically complain of less hair to clip back or a thinner pony tail.

Modern dietary changes

Low serum ferritin in women is now more common due to reduced red meat consumption and menstrual blood loss in women of reproductive age. The good news is that research has shown that if the serum ferritin is raised above a certain point then normal hair growth re-establishes.

Low L-Lysine levels

Florisene® is a clinically-relevant iron supplementation programme, consisting of a highly absorbable form of iron and a significant level of the essential amino acid L-Lysine, plus 2 other known iron-synergists. Research indicates that low L-Lysine intakes may exacerbate a reduced ferritin level and clinical studies show that for some women ferritin levels will not improve without supplementary L-Lysine.

How long does it take?

From starting to take a Florisene®, the minimum time before a reduction in hair shedding is noticed is about 16 weeks. It may take longer to see the benefit in terms of hair volume because of the time the hair takes to grow long enough to contribute to the overall hair volume of a thickened pony tail or volume of hair to clip back.

Can foods effect iron absorption?

Iron is best absorbed in the presence of both vitamin C and Zinc and also taken on an empty stomach.  

Foods and substances that can interfere with the absorption of iron include calcium, tannins, which are found in coffee, tea, grapes, bran fiber and chocolate. It is best to avoid these foods for at least 90 minutes either side of taking any supplement containing iron.

Typically per tablet:

Vitamin C 24mg • Vitamin B12 • 3µg • Iron (as ferrous glycine sulphate) 24mg • L-Lysine.


Florisene® contains iron and a small proportion of people who are unusually sensitive may experience some minor digestive disturbance such as nausea. This generally disappears, but should it persist, then take Florisene® with a 'light' meal. Some individuals may also notice a darkening of the stools, this is due to the iron.

Other iron containing supplements should not be taken whilst taking Florisene®.

Florisene® should not be taken whilst taking oral antibiotics. Florisene should not be taken within 2 hours of taking any medication, including indigestion remedies.

Florisene® is not suitable for male or female pattern boldness. This is when hair loss is seen on top of the head.




Contains 90 tablets

Take 1-3 tablets daily for the first six months. Thereafter for maintenance purposes take 1 to 2 tablets daily.

Product Reviews
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It has taken time ( 5-6 months ) to see the effects of taking Florisene but it worked with me : my hair stopped falling out and that was great !
Dear Aneta, as with many supplements it can take a little time for the body to rebuild it's required nutritional level so that it can function optimally again but hopefully it has been worth it, good news and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
After 6 months of taking this I can really start to see a difference. I also have much more energy.

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