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Shoes for Back Pain

Joya shoes offer a truly unique walking sensation using patented Swiss technology. From your very first step you will notice the difference. The soft, flexible, dynamic footbed sets new standards in the area of comfortable footwear.

"It is like walking on a cloud or on cotton wool"

See the video review by our Osteopath to learn more about Joya shoes.

Joya shoes are designed to support the natural movement process and encourage active walking. Joya shoes also promote healthy posture, which helps to provide relief from the impact on your back and joints which in turn can also reduce and prevent back pain and joint pain.

Shoes are classified into two types of sole: Emotion and Motion

1. Emotion: The soft, elastic Joya sole absorbs every impact, therefore supporting effective relief for backs and joints.

2. Motion: Designed to enable active walking and standing. The best part is the soft sole technology with muscle-activating midfoot-roller, the so-called "activator". The sophisticated system enables a natural movement process and supports an active body posture. Perfect for everyone who is focused on their physical fitness.