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Posture Support Brace

Ideal for: Those that suffer with neck, shoulder or upper back postural pain

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"Tested for more than 3 months this Swedish deigned support is our most comfortable posture correcting brace"
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Posture Support Brace - Our most comfortable posture support

If you have bad a posture or suffer with neck, shoulder or upper back postural pain our posture support brace is designed to help you to correct and improve your posture.

Conditions that our Mediroyal Exto Light is designed to help with:

  • Posture support and correction
  • Thoracic postural pain
  • Thoracic kyphosis


  1. Unique patented Swedish design
  2. Machine washable
  3. Easy to put on & take off
  4. Easy to adjust while wearing
  5. Extremely light - less than 160 grams
  6. Very comfortable elastic and breathable material

Why we like this support..

We tested this for over 3 months before bringing it to you on our website. This patented support has many features that we particularly like which are designed with the wearers comfort in mind.

  • Over the shoulder area the material is soft and comfortable to prevent irritation.
  • Many posture supports can cause rubbing and chaffing underneath the arm but the design of this posture support brace eliminates this problem.
  • The lower front fastening avoids any rib irritation and also offers great lumbar support which is a key area of musculo-skeletal discomfort in those with poor posture.

When wearing this posture support your shoulders are encouraged both downward and back in to a natural alignment associated with correct posture. The Y shape design helps straighten and encourage your thoracic spine into a more natural postural alignment and the additional lumbar support helps eliminate lower thoracic and lumbar discomfort.

The construction consists of several semi-elastic areas that allow comfortable freedom of movement while still maintaining and encouraging postural correction.

  • Helps Prevent Slouching
  • Corrects Round Shoulders
  • Look younger and feel taller

Special Introductory Discounted Price and backed by our 30 day money back guarantee order yours today to start correcting your bad posture.

 Available in 3 sizes: Petite junior size, Small size and Standard size



* PLEASE NOTE to order correct SIZE * 

When measuring your waist circumference please measure at you widest point around your middle. This may not be the same as your trouser waist size.

If your height is compatible but your waist is too large then select the size by your height and then add the EXTO Extender to your basket to add up to 8" or 20cm to the waist 

SizeYour HeightWaist Circumference
Petite 4'8" - 5'7" 23-31.5 inches
 145-170cm 60-80cm
 Small 5'7" - 6'3" 23-31.5 inches
 170-190cm 60-80cm
 Standard 5'7" - 6'3" 31.5-43 inches
 170-190cm 80-110cm

 Machine Washable

Product Reviews
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I purchased this posture support brace as I was suffering from neck and shoulder problems and my shoulder on the right side in particular was very painful. I also do not have the best posture in the world. I ordered the nude colour version as I feel nude is more of a discreet colour under lighter clothing. When I finally worked out how to put it on, I wore for that evening under a baggy T-Shirt and immediately felt the weight lift off my right shoulder and also felt I was standing much better. I have been wearing every evening after work and at weekends when I am not out and I am pleased to report that the posture brace is definitely making a difference. The straps under the arms DO NOT rub, and when I am not wearing the brace I am remembering to stand up straight and my posture is so much better. Although quite expensive and there are much cheaper ones out there I have read that a lot of the cheaper braces do rub under the arms. I have had no rubbing under the arms at all. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.
Dear Denise, It is very pleasing to hear that your posture brace is helping you and that it is not rubbing under the arms. I agree that there are cheaper 'options' available but this was designed by a Swedish company who understand the biomechanics of posture and specialise in support design and construction. The use of technical fibres do increase the costs but significantly contribute to the comfort and effective posture correction the support offers. I personally feel confident recommending this support to those of my patients who have posture related pains and the feedback like yours is for the most extremely good. Thank you for taking the time to submit your review.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
I use to cringe when I saw photos or a video of myself because of my poor posture. I tried a vibrating pad stuck to my back but that would continuously vibrate when I was sitting at a desk and using a computer. I then saw an advert for this type of harness and started to look on Amazon. Literally, hundreds of these were on sale, with varyingly different reviews. I really didn't know which one to go for. So I decided to do some research and came across an independent website that listed in their opinion the best braces available. The Posture Support Brace came top. I followed the link to the BadBack Compay's website and watched the video. After which I decided to place an order. As soon as I put it on, I felt a difference. For a start, I felt taller and straighter. My wife commented straight away how much better I looked. It's easy to put on yourself and as soon as you tighten the side straps you feel your back straightening up and your shoulders being pulled back. It's surprising how quickly your body learns how to stand up straight. I wear it most days over a t-shirt and under my shirt at work. But there are occasions when it's hot and I just want to wear a t-shirt, when I don't wear it. But I now know how to stand straight. I will keep on wearing it under normal circumstances, as it's very comfortable and not hot to wear. Very pleased with my purchase and can highly recommend it.
Dear Mark, Thanks so much for the detailed review, it is genuinely appreciated and I am sure it really helps others when deciding whether to buy.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
well made. still trying to figure out how to pull straps tight enough to pull back shoulders but don't chaff underarms.
Dear Grace, thank you for taking the time to review the Posture Support Brace. We are pleased you like this product and that it does not chaff under the arm.
Glad I bought this brace. It's helping me stand straighter. Can really feel myself standing taller.. I would definately recommend this product!
Dear Sotiris, Thank you very much for this review and we are very pleased that the Posture Support Brace is helping you.
Purchased the Posture Support Brace after trying cheaper options which were uncomfortable. I am very impressed with the Posture Support Brace as it easy to put on without needing help. Comfortable and lightweight and does what it says.
Dear Jenny, It took a long time to find what I believe is not only the most comfortable posture brace on the market but also one that actually does help improve your posture. As you said there are other options but ours are made by a leading Swedish company who spend great time and effort both designing and manufacturing this product. Thanks for your review I really do appreciate it.
Tim (Registered Osteopth)
Great product. Would definitely recommend!
Dear Jenna, We are genuinely pleased to hear your review and thanks for taking the time to submit it
Bronwyn (Customer Care)
I purchased the posture support brace recently as I have some pain from neck and back ache due to a few years of contact sport... I am amazed at how valuable this has been for me, it is very comfortable to wear. In fact as soon as I started wearing i knew the purchase had been worthwhile.....It has been invaluable for decreasing the pain in my gives me great posture support while I am walking, standing, or working on the computer, is becoming an everyday habit to wear at every occasion and especially while I am exercising as I still like to keep myself toned and fit. I can definitely recommend. I am a petite woman in her 50’s and the petite brace is absolutely perfect.....I have tried several braces in the past...but this one is by far the more superior and it’s also affordable
Dear Catherine, I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to share your comprehensive feedback, not only does it please me to hear of your satisfaction but honest feedback is invaluable to others looking to buy a posture support. Thank you
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
excellent item that does exactly what it says, discreet enough to wear under clothing and very comfortable.
Dear Walter, many thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and I am very pleased to hear that the Posture support brace is both very comfortable and effective.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
After two years of surffering Extreme pain in my thorax area moving up to my neck and shoulders iv found this support to realty make a difference to not being in pain all day ,it is also very comfortable to wear .
Hi Gillian, thank you for taking the time to review the Posture Support Brace and we are pleased that it is helping you.
I can't comment on the brace as I haven't used yet But excellent customer service and special mention to tim for taking the time to chat and give advice on phone.
Paul appleton
Hi Paul, Tahnks for the mention and glad to hear that the customer service was excellent.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
I found this effective from the first try. It's comfortable definitely helps the posture.
Dear Lynn, Thank you for taking the time to write a postive review.
Great item, soft, comfortable and easy to put on and tighten. No chaffing under arms and bearable to wear, which I didn’t find with the kinesthetic tape.
Dear Sonia great to hear that the posture support is workng for you and that you find it comfortable . And thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.
Brilliant support for my back I have been looking for a long time for something as good as this. I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering back pain, it is comfortable and descret enough to wear under a top without being obvious.
Dear Jakki, We are always very pleased to get positive reviews, and grateful for those that take the time to write them so thank you.
Sarah (Customer Care)
Bought for a friend as a birthday present. Appears to have been delighted and posture definitely improved within a week. She is really happy with the product.
Dear Sheelagh, We appreciate you taking the time to review this product, and value your feedback.
Daisy (Customer Care)
Superb product, helps enormously with posture and back pain. I may even buy another.
Dear Jackie, Thank you for taking the time to share your positive review with us.
Sarah (Customer Care)
I am very happy with my back posture brace , don't know yet if it helps with my posture although people notice I look better .
Dear Lesley, We appreciate you taking the time to review this product, and value your feedback.
Daisy (Customer Care)
I do already have a posture support but this one is far more comfortable. I,m finding that I can wear it for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. In fact sometimes I forget I,m wea
Dear Jackie, Thank you for taking the time to share your positive review with us.
Sarah (Customer Care)
Very pleased with my posture support, so far. The petite is a good fit and easy to wear under clothing without showing, just like the video. I do have to tighten it for more support but it does help my back. Customer service is excellent, as I made an enquiry about the brace and Nick kindly telephoned me and was extremely helpful. Thank you.
Dear Audrey, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback of both the posture support and your customer experience. We work very hard behind the scenes to source the best quality products and we listen to all feedback in order to maintain the best possible customer service, so when I read your review it pleases me and makes all the hard work our team does so worthwhile. Thank you.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
Absolutely delighted with posture support. I have tried a few different ones over the years, but this is the only one that is actually wearable. Very fast delivery is also a bonus.
Dear Stephen, Many thanks for taking the time to share your review and I am genuinely pleased that you have now found a 'wearable' posture support.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
Happy with the product.i ordered the petite size and I found that it does tend to get a bit uncomfortable under the armpits because I wear it all day.however it helped with my back but I haven't noticed anything regarding my is a good product.
Dear Susie, Thank you for taking the time to send us your comments and feedback. With regard to posture it can be a subtle process for some people that improves over time, the positive aspect is that the support will help prevent further slouching and bad postural habits and this alone will help retrain and improve your posture.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
Excellent product and first class service from the seller. 100% recommended!
Dear Nick, Thank you for your kind words, it means so much to all of us here at The Bad Back Company.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
I found this brace is really well made and comfortable for wear whilst doing minimal activity, however as my job involves lots of walking , bending down and reaching up I have found the brace does tend to cut in the shoulder and ride up at the waist. That being said so far , in the short time I’ve been using it I have noticed quite reduction in back pain and I’m happy to put up with all the issues . I would definitely recommend this product as it has helped me so far as I can tell thank you
Dear Brian, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We appreciate honest reviews as they help our customers to make informed decisions. p.s We are glad to hear that you are already getting less back pain.
Daisy (Customer Care)
Very pleased with this product, comfortable to wear and good support.
Dear Maureen, Many thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. Honest reviews are helpful for others when considering buying a product so we really do appreciate all reviews.
Daisy (Customer Care)
Great and so far effective product but delivery took 6 days so a little bit disappointing hence the 4 stars rather than 5. However, would say the customer service team were very quick and helpful in tracing my parcel. I would shop with you again based on my experience.
Dear Gordon, thank you for your honest review and once again our apologies with the delayed delivery.
James (Customer Care)
My physio recommended this to me and I am very pleased she did. It has made a great improvement over the last 8 weeks. It takes a few times of wearing to get used to it which I guess is where my muscles were adapting but overall very comfortable and easy to use after the first few times wearing it.
Dear Brian, Many thanks for your review and input. I would agree that for some people it does take the muscles a couple of times of wearing before they start to relax but I guess it's worth it if your posture starts to look better.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
Purchased on behalf of my daughter who has, to-date, worn it on 8 days but finds that, although not too uncomfortable, the straps coming from underarm and initailly flat tend to be folded in half at the front of shoulders within a short time of fitting.
Dear Keith, Thank you for your valued review. We are always interested in our product reviews whether they be good or bad as honest reviews help with decision making for other customers.
Daisy (Customer Care)
It takes abit if getting used to I have worn it for a couple of hours and my right shoulder pain has gone. The only problem I have with it is the shoulder straps need to be wider or very slightly thinner as I am finding them rucking up and irritating my under arms as I am a larger built person. Everywhere else fits.
Dear Amy, Many thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, we always appreciate honest reviews of our products. Have you tried wearing your support over a vest/tshirt as this may reduce the rubbing without effecting the posture control?
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
Great product. I nearly didn't buy this simply because I had purchased a different one from a high street shop but it was very uncomfortable particularly under my arms where it rubbed. However, I did buy yours and as described it doesn't rub and is therefore really comfortable to wear.
Hi Alex, Many thanks for taking the time to send us your review. We are pleased that this is very comfortable.
James (Customer Care)
Quality build, clear instructions, arrived within the 3-5 day delivery window. Immediate relief upon use. Easy to wear throughout the day with no unsightly lumps evident when worn under a shirt. Product receives 5 stars from me ��
Hi Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to share your review and we are pleased to hear that you are getting immediate relief.
James Customer Care
I've had chronic, severe back ache since a horse riding accident 25yrs ago. This coupled with a blood disorder in which trauma doesn't heal properly has made life a misery. Loads of input has helped but lately more acute pain and slouched stance. So I have tried this Posture Support Brace and enjoyed virtually immediate relief. Have just returned from 5hr drive and a week's camping, wearing it daily all day. Fantastic! Sure it does get a bit busy under the arms, but the pain relief is worth it. So impressed I've bought a second one to avoid missing out on wash day. I'm 66 yr old man with heart disease and every little helps!
Stephen J Jones
Hi Stephen, great to hear you're in less pain and discomfort and many thanks for taking the time to share your review. Have you seen our video review offer?
Tim (Osteopath)
This is really helping my posture after only a few days it was noticeably better and it is easy to wear all day at work without anyone noticing it so far. If you want to help your posture I would recommend this product highly. Delivery took a bit longer than expected so 5 stars for product but 4 for delivery.
Very comfortable and excellent speed of delivery
I am pleased that this is not at all bulky (your picture makes it look slightly) and I am able to wear it without it being obviously noticed. It is comfortable although I wear it over a base layer at work. Thanks.
Excellent product simply because it really does correct my terrible posture. I wear it for several hours a day and feel that even when I take it off my posture remains better.
I am so pleased I bought this. Thank you so much for helping my posture.
Hannah French
I am very pleased with the quality and fit of this garment. It is very soft yet very supportive and it is most definitely improving my posture.
Anne Price

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Question from peter
Is your posture support brace unisex i.e for men as well?
Answer from Bronwyn (Customer Care) (18/08/19)
Dear Peter, Yes both colours and all sizes are unisex.
Question from Jane
Hi Tim my question is could you wear this whilst playing golf?
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (28/05/19)
Dear Jane, The quick answer is yes you can. The reason being is that the support is easily adjustable whilst wearing and also has a degree of flex in the material so this allows for movement whilst wearing the support. I cannot give names but we have sold this support to some leading amateur golfers, both male and female.
Question from Dona
I have hyperlordosis, however recently I have been feeling pain and discomfort in the section of my spine between shoulder blades, I spend a lot of time by the computer at work. Would wearing the brace have a negative effect on hyperlordosis? For example: curve the lumbar part of the spine inwards even more?
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (24/04/19)
Hi Dona, Thank you for your question. For those readers who are unsure of the term “hyperlordosis” this refers to an excessive increase of the natural lordosis of the lumbar spine. I have also heard the term ‘sway back’ used to describe this but I prefer hyperlordosis. In a quick answer to your question the Posture Support Brace should not increase your lordosis and in fact may help with reducing it as it offers some support of the thoraco-lumbar junction of the spine. However, I would also ask that you check with your Orthopaedic consultant or GP the cause of your hyperlordosis as there are a few spinal conditions that may cause this. It may be that your hyperlordosis is your more ‘natural spinal tendency’ and this has contributed to your postural pain between your shoulders as your thoracic spine compensates for the increased lumbar spine lordosis. I hope this has answered your question but please feel free to contact me again if you require any further information.
Question from Jan
Hello can you tell me if the posture support brace has adjustable shoulder straps? Also will this type of product help with lower back pain and shoulder pain. Thanks for your help.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (24/04/19)
Dear Jan, Yes the shoulders straps are adjustable which allows for varied postural control whilst wearing the support. If the pain in your lower back and shoulders is of postural cause then I would expect the support to help treat the root cause of the problem, ie by improving your posture. However, I would advise that you get the cause of your lower back and shoulder pain checked by a medical expert such as your GP, Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist just to be sure.
Question from Carla
Hello. I would like to purchase the posture support brace, however I am unsure what size to get. I am 5'7'' with a 30 inch waist so unsure whether to get a petite or small size. Please could you advise which would be more suitable if possible? Thank you.
Answer from Sarah (19/03/19)
Dear Carla, We would advise that you order a small as it will gice you a slightly greater amount of height flexibility. However, we do offer the option to exchange the item if you wanted to change it to the petite.
Question from Ashley
Hi Tim,I have had a couple of posture correctors that despite working, have become very uncomfortable under the arms when material rolls up and digs in after only half an hour or so. Does this product guarantee to eliminate this discomfort? Thanks
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (24/02/19)
Dear Ashley, many thanks for your question. The design of this posture corrector significantly reduces the common complaint of rubbing and chaffing under the arms and is by design our most comfortable support brace, particularly when worn for longer periods. Whilst I would like to 100% guarantee that this problem is fully eliminated I think it would be unprofessional of me to make such claims, however, should you go ahead and purchase one and not be 100% happy then we offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee, see our T&C’s for full details.
Question from James
Hi do you offer a money back guarantee on your Posture Support Brace ? I live in northern ireland, is it free delivery? thanks!
Answer from James (Customer Care) (18/09/18)
Hi James, Yes we do (please see our full T&C's) and yes we offer free delivery to Northern Ireland.
Question from Lucy Holmes
I have a lot of shoulder stiffness and pain slightly rounded shoulders and fhp. Can this be used to retrain my body or will it be required permanently to support my shoulders?
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (18/04/18)
Dear Lucy, Thank you for your question, firstly just to let our other readers know that 'fhp' is Forward Head Posture. The Posture support brace is designed to help retrain your muscles and joints that are responsible for your spinal alignment and posture. Most people with poor posture will have developed this over a period of time and during that time muscle tensions will often become unbalanced which will result in the over shortening of important postural muscles. The consequences of these muscle imbalances will also be seen in the spinal alignment which is all too often pulled into a hunched upper back with a FHP. This is often a cause of pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back as the spine is pulled into an incorrect alignment and the muscles are subjected to increased physical loading. An average adult head weighs 12lbs and as fhp develops the perceived weight of the head increases dramatically, some reports suggest a FHP of just 2 inches is the equivalent of a head that weighs 32lbs! To answer the second part of your question you should not require to wear the posture support brace permanently. As your posture improves and your muscles re-learn a natural alignment then you will need less input from the support. I hope my reply answers your questions but please feel free to ask if you require any further information.
Question from Ahmed
Hi Tim, Where can I find out for which periods of time this should be worn? eg an hour a day to start off with, after how many weeks should we wear it all day? Thank you.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (28/03/18)
Dear Ahmed, I would recommend that you initially wear the Posture Support Brace for short periods of time. The length of time should not exceed an hour at a time for the first week or even two since your muscles and spinal joints that are responsible for your posture take time to adjust. You can wear the support for 2 or even 3 separate sessions per day in the first one or two weeks. As your posture starts to improve then you can increase the time worn. The advantage of this posture support is that you can vary the degree of posture control while wearing it. This feature not only adds to the overall comfort but also allows you to 'slacken' off the tension after a period of wearing while allowing it to still work in the background until you reset the tension a little later in the day.
Question from Leanne
I walk with crutches. Would the support hinder me using my crutches efficiently. Thank you in advance
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (18/03/18)
Dear Leanne, You haven't said which type of crutches you use but if you use the forearm/elbow crutches then I forsee no problem. If you use the underarm crutches then there is some chance that they may contact the support. If you do use the underarm crutches perhaps the best suggestion is why not try the support and if it is not compatible then we will happily refund your purchase upon return of the support. I hope that helps with your decision.
Question from Delwyn Hopkins
Could the posture support brace be worn when playing sport ie squash Thanks Delwyn Hopkins
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (15/01/18)
Dear Delwyn, Yes it could be worn when playing squash but we suggest that you wear the support before and after any sporting activity which allows for a full range of motion to be achieved for your muscles and spine during your sporting activity and then the use of the posture support can help retrain your posture after your activity when you have stretched out as part of a cool down program. We do however get some good feedback from those that wear it during activities such as golf and horse riding but for activities such as squash I would abstain from wearing whilst playing. I hope that answers your question fully
Question from Julie Rackett
Hi I’m short 5ft nothing but clearly a bit tubby measured my waist and it’s 100cm so would it be worth me getting this as I think I would need the petite size but my waist seems too big for it - also does this loosen throughout the day so that you have to adjust it - i was thinking that if you weren’t sitting/walking straight the brace would end up adopting that shape as it’s not rigid - thanks
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (09/01/18)
Dear Julie, The support is held in place by the fastening at waist level so you should choose the size that corresponds to your waist size. We have had other people with a very similar body size to yourself and we have advised they order the standard size and in most cases this has been suitable. You do of course have a 30 day money back guarantee when shopping with us. The support is not designed to loosen whilst wearing it but if your posture starts to improve then you may tighten/adjust it to continue with further improvements. In terms of rigidity the support is flexible. It is designed to re-educate and assist your postural muscles rather than hold them fixed in one position which would ultimately be both uncomfortable and of no long term postural benefit.
Question from Mrs Pamela Griffiths
I am 83 yrs old, X-ray showed OA at base of spine with grade 1 forward slip of L4 upon L5, also narrowing of L1/2. Cannot stand comfortably with back or knees straight pain soon comes on walking. Would this posture support brace be suitable for me to help relieve pain? Many thanks Pam.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (12/12/17)
Dear Pam, Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I do not think this posture support will help with your lower back problems. Your symptoms are potentially a combination of the degenerative changes in your lumbar spine and the grade 1 spondylolisthesis. In terms of helping your pain I would suggest a lower back specific support would be the best support option.
Question from Amy
Hi Tim I have suffered from childhood with round shoulders and now i am paying the price with a painful right shoulder and lower back. Would this help correct my round shoulders? Also I am at the end measurement of the standard waist ie I’m 110 cm will it fit without coming off? Kind regards Amy
Answer from Tim (Registred Osteopath) (22/11/17)
Hi Amy, With regard to size these come up true to size, so when measuring around your middle, which is where the fastening level is situated, check that you are within the range. If you are above 110cm I would advise not to purchase this. If you look at the video, seen at the bottom of the website product page it will help you see just where it fits and therefore hopefully allow you to get the correct measurement. With regard to your shoulders the support is designed to help correct round shoulders, but I would also add it would be worth getting your GP or other Health Care Professional to check that your right shoulder pain is being caused by your posture, ie. that you do not have two separate conditions. If you are still unsure you can always order it, try it on and if you are not happy with the fit return it to us for a refund. I hope that helps but please do not hesitate in coming back to me with any further questions.
Question from Mari
Are the shoulder strapes adjustable?
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (10/11/17)
Dear Mari, Yes. The waist fastening is adjustable for both comfort and posture support of the thoraco-lumbar area of your lower back and then you have individual adjustable control over both shoulders so that you can find the correct degree of posture control depending upon your activity. The shoulder adjustment can also be altered without removing the support.
Question from Julie
Hi Tim. I don't have brilliant posture but have never suffered back pain, although I am terribly tight and knotty around the shoulder area. Recently, I have had rotator cuff problems, caused they think, by impingement. If I can pull my shoulders back, I immediately feel some relief. Do you think this product might help or, is there something that may be better for my problem. I definitely have rounded shoulders and tend to jut my head forward, Many thanks.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (10/11/17)
Dear Julie, Thank you for your question. The simple answer is yes. This should help because your shoulders are most likely internally rotating as they come forward,which is a very common cause of impingement. This internal rotation will in turn also overload the muscles in the back of your shoulders, particularly your rotator cuff muscles before they form the rotator cuff within the shoulder capsule.This is why they will feel knotted and tight. By encouraging your shoulders back this will help set the shoulders in a less internally rotated position which will help reduce your impingement symptoms and also take the load off of the knotty areas. I hope this is helpul but if you need any further info please feel free to ask.
Question from Bill
Hi Tim, How long each day should this item be worn?
Answer from Tim (Osteopath) (11/10/17)
Dear Bill, I would recommend that you initially wear the Posture Support Brace for short periods of time. The length of time should not exceed an hour at a time for the first week or two since your muscles and spinal joints that are responsible for your posture take time to adjust. As your posture starts to improve then you can increase the time worn. The advantage of this posture support is that you can vary the degree of posture control while wearing it. This feature not only adds to the overall comfort but also allows you to 'slacken' off the tension after a period of wearing while allowing it to still work in the background until you reset the tension a little later in the day.
Question from Lee
Hi Tim can this be worn under clothes
Answer from Tim (Osteopath) (14/09/17)
Hi Lee, Thank you for your question. Yes, this can definitely be worn under clothing.
Question from Johnny Hallas
I work in a workshop stood up all day bent forward looking down at my work and get neck,shoulder back pain would this product help ?
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (11/10/17)
Dear Jonny, The posture support will help re-train and correct your posture which in turn should help reduce or alleviate neck, shoulder and back pain. I would also advise that you assess your work station so as to further help reduce the strain on your neck and back. By this I mean it may be worth considering options to reduce the degree and/or time spent bending forward.Perhaps you could sit on a stool, increase the height of the items you are working on whilst satnding etc. Although most of us cannot achieve perfect work station ergonomics during our entire working day I personally feel that by varying your stance, as opposed to working in the same fixed position all day, these variations help reduce specific points of muscular and skeletal stress which tends to result in pain reduction and also help prevent the development of long term postural problems.
Question from Becky
Hi, I've recently had a cervical disctectomy and am trying to aid the recovery and correct my posture. Before surgery I had a severely knotted upper back and shoulders which has continued since. Can you advise if this would help? Many thanks Becky
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (28/02/18)
Dear Becky, thank you for your question and I hope that your operation has been successful so far. I would expect that your upper back and shoulders were very tight and knotted due to the neck pain you had and hence the operation. I would agree that your recovery from the operation will be assisted by improving your posture. The improvement in your posture and shoulder alignment should help rebalance the muscles in your neck, shoulders and upper back. With a more efficient posture and balanced musculature the mechanical strain should also be reduced on your spinal joints in your upper back and neck which should help reduce the pain. I would therefore expect the Posture Support Brace to be helpful in your recovery. Since I am not fully aware of all your symptoms both pre and post operatively I would therefore recommend that you check with your surgeon regarding wearing this support just to be totally sure. Keep me posted.
Question from Elaine
Does this product contain latex?
Answer from James (Customer Care) (01/08/17)
Dear Elaine, I can confirm that this product is free from latex.
Question from Owen McCann
Thinking of getting one for my wife she has very poor porture and suffers very bad back pain from neck right down to bottom of back she is on pain relief if i bought one of back brace will it help her?
Answer from Tim (Osteopath) (02/06/17)
Dear Owen, To answer your question I must assume that your wife has seen her doctor and that the diagnosis and cause of her pain can be described as mechanical. Poor posture is a leading cause of neck and back pain due to the mechanical strain on the muscles, ligaments and spinal joints. The Posture Support Brace helps to support and also retrain the postural muscles. An improved spinal alignment and a more efficient natural posture should help reduce the painful strain on your wife’s neck and back.
Question from Stephanie Bray
I'm interesting in purchasing the posture support brace and I've got a couple of questions. Firstly, what size should I buy? I'm 5'6"" tall but my waist measurement is 90cm, so should I order the small for the right height or standard to fit waist measurement? Also, does this only come in black as shown in the picture, as I would prefer a nude or white colour so it would be less noticeable when wearing. Thanks for your assistance
Answer from James (13/05/17)
Dear Stephanie, I would suggest the standard size as the waist fastening must be in plsce for the support to function correctly. The difference in the length of the back of the support between the Petite and Srandard size is approximately 85mm. We do offer a simple exchange or refund policy if you were to go ahead with the standard size but find it is not suitable for you. With regard to colour this product is currently only available in black.

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