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Posture Medic

Posture Support Brace

(5/5 from 12 Reviews)
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"A great posture device that helps both strengthen and stabilise your posture"
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Posture Medic is a postural support designed to help improve the posture of all abilities. It can be used practically anywhere and is suitable for people of all levels of physical ability.

Bad Posture is acquired. Modern lifestyles are all too often hectic and pressurised. Most of us spend long periods of time sitting or standing slouched over our desks at work and in the home often resulting in us developing a hunched over position at our desks, laptops or tablets. Slouching leads to postural strain and causes pressure to build up on the spine and tension in the muscles particularly at the base of the neck causing muscles to fatigue leading to pain and a bad posture.

Wearing the posture medic helps correct these bad postural habits by not only supporting the muscles and spinal joints but also by subconsciously reminding and teaching our muscles and joints to straighten up.

You can improve your posture, it just needs a little time, effort and help from Posture Medic.

The Posture Medic can also be used as an Exercise Band to help improve your posture and spinal health in three ways. Use it to

  1. Stabilise your neck and shoulders
  2. Stretch taught and tense muscles
  3. Strengthen your posture

Your Posture Medic comes with a Free Postural Correction Program Guide:

Stretch & Strengthen: Your Posture Medic comes complete with a program to help you learn how to achieve a better posture through correct stretching and strengthen exercises that can be done at home with your Posture Medic device.

3 Levels: Your illustrated booklet will take you through three different levels in the Implementation Program covering how and when to stretch and strengthen your postural muscles with additional guides on how long to wear your Posture Medic for maximum effect. So even if you are starting out from scratch the Implementation Program is suitable for you.

The program will effectively show you how to stretch tight shortened muscles in your neck, shoulders, chest and upper back giving you back the freedom and flexibility required to gain an effective natural posture. It will also teach you simple but effective exercises aimed at strengthening and maintaining your new posture.

Bonus Tips: Additionally you will learn valuable tips on how to maintain your posture within the free illustrated colour booklet.

See video below for more details


Posture Medic is not recommended for use by children under 12 years of age without adult supervision to ensure the product is used safely. Anyone over the age of 12 years who meets the minimum height and weight requirements (as in image 6) can use the Posture Medic. If in doubt seek advice from a qualified medical professional.


Sizes available from Junior (Extra small) to Extra large.

Please see the table above (image 6) to select your size by height and weight. If in doubt or you have a large chest size for your height and weight please select the next size up.

Product Reviews
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Great service from the Bad Back Company, and am pleased with the The Posture Medic. I can already feel the difference after a couple of weeks use especially when not wearing it and consciously correct myself. Thank you
Dear Vicki, thank you for the very positive review and we are pleased that it is making you more aware of your posture and helping you stand up straighter.
Excellent product - my posture is really poor so I am looking forward to a great improvement! Would really recommend this product.
Dear Anne, I am really pleased that you are pleased with the posture support and thank you for taking the time to submit your review, it really helps both other customers and our staff to continue to strive to try to provide the best possible products and customer service.Thank you.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
This product really does what it says . Iíll admit to being skeptic about the ckaims made but was extremely pleasantly surprised when it did exactly what it was supposed to do . I have had back problems since an accident I had and had tried other products which did nothing at all to help . I wish I had heard about the ďBad Back Company Ď ten years ago . What a difference
Hey Margaret, It's genuinely so nice to hear that your Posture Medic is helping you and I appreciate you taking the time to send us your review.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
The Posture Medic is great at helping set your posture, sitting or standing. Great service from 'The Bad Back Company' with excellent advice. I would definitely recommend them and the product.
Hi Chris, Glad to hear that your posture is improving. Many thanks for taking the time to share your review
Tim Everett (Osteopath)
I actually now play golf with this on and it some how gets me stand better at address. Hasn't reduced my handicap so far but I look a better golfer !!
Your video makes it look hard to put on this support when in fact it is really easy so perhaps you should change the video. 5 stars for my improved posture though.
Angela Dawson
Great support and is really helping to correct my posture even after only 2 weeks.
Annette Banks
Bought one each and we both keep looking at each other and saying how much better their posture looks when wearing them. Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Overall great product and service.
J & S Godwin

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Question from Claire
My son is interested in the posture medic. After checking your size board thereís nothing that applied & Iím unsure about sizing. He is 21. A menís small in the chest (34Ē), 5í9í tall and around 8.5 stone. Iím unsure as to whether we should purchase the small or medium? He has a bad slouching forward, rounded shoulders posture issue. Very grateful for advice.
Answer from Daisy (19/03/19)
Dear Claire, many thanks for your question. We would advise he tries a medium to begin with he can easily try it for comfort. Should you go ahead and purchase one and not be 100% happy then we offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee, or we can easily exchange it for a different size if he feels that it would be beneficial, see our T&Cís for full details..
Question from Karen ford
Will the posture medic support brace help if you have sciatica , lower back problems.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (30/01/18)
Dear Karen, The posture medic is designed to help correct spinal and muscular alignment in the upper back and base of the neck and additionally help reset the shoulders for a more natural postural alignment. With regard to sciatica this is most commonly caused by problems in the lower back and whilst I accept that lower back spinal mechanics can be influenced by the upper back my advice would be to firstly obtain a medical diagnosis regarding the cause of any sciatica. I hope this helps answer your question but if you have any doubts please feel free to ask.
Question from Helen
Hi I am a horse rider and from time to time I drop one of my shoulders so I am not sat straight. Which of your products would you recommend to help keep both shoulders aligned? Thanks
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (09/01/18)
Hi Helen, The Posture Support Brace will really help to keep your shoulders and upper back in a good position without restricting your movement. The Posture Medic will also achieve s similar effect but it is not adjustable but has the benefit of being smaller. I would also check that on the side of your shoulder dropping that you are not 'collapsing' in your mid to lower back muscles, ie the muscles above your iliac crest. If those muscles are fine then I would definitely try the posture support brace to help re-educate your upper back and shoulders.
Question from Jamie
Evening, I am looking to purchase something to help my posture, please could you advise on an item to purchase please. Many thanks Jamie
Answer from Tim (Osteopath) (11/10/17)
Dear Jamie, Our two most popular posture supports are the Posture Medic and The Posture Support Brace. The most significant difference is the Posture Medic, which is quick and easy to use, is a fixed tension whereas the Posture Support Brace can offer varied posture control to suit your activity or demands. We get good feedback on both of these I would just say if you feel you want the option to adjust your posture control then go for the PSB. I hope this helps with your decision.

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