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LumbaCurve Back Pain Relief

with Passive Gravity Assisted Traction (PGAT)

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"The Clinical trials for LumbaCurve look very promising and initial findings report definite improvements"
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Do you ever get that feeling that your back just needs stretching out to help relieve your back ache, muscle spasm, pain or sciatica?

Well the LumbaCurve Back Stretcher does exactly that by using a patented technology that helps stretch the muscles and separate the vertebrae in your lower back that can cause lower back pain, ache and even pinched nerves.

What is the LumbaCurve Back Stretcher?

LumbacurveTM is a simple yet ingenious device that stretches your lower back offering the user easy, effective and drug-free relief from chronic lower back pain and sciatic conditions.

It has been painstakingly developed over 6 years to combine the very best of Traditional Eastern and Western therapies.

Nominated for UK BioNow "Product of the Year 2015"

Significant reduction in pain was seen in recent trials - Click here to View

How Easy is LumbaCurve to Use?

Very Easy. Simply follow the instructions enclosed, lie on your back, slide the LumbaCurve into place and relax. An instructional DVD and user guide with detailed pictures are included with your purchase.

How does it work?

LumbaCurve uses patented technology to combine the effects of acupressure stimulation with Passive Gravity Assisted Traction (PGAT)

What is Passive Gravity Assisted Traction (PGAT)?

Put simply, PGAT gently stretches the lower back and causes the vertebral joints to separate, relaxing the discs, loosening the spinal nerves and providing lower back pain relief.  In addition to this, the LumbacurveTM design features the combined benefits of acupressure massage, shiatsu stimulation and yogic stretch, all of which are recognised techniques used in the practice of Traditional Oriental Medicine.

Does it Work?

Absolutely. See the enclosed leaflet with testimonials from satisfied customers who have bought the LumbaCurve. The Clinical Trials are also very promising click here to read the report.

Who is the LumbaCurve designed for?

LumbaCurve is designed for adults who experience lower back ache and pain as a result of occupational posture related conditions such as drivers, office workers, pc users, gardeners and sports men and women.

LumbaCurve must not be used if you are pregnant or have previously had back surgery. As with any therapy device always check with your GP prior to use.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for chronic lower back pain and sciatica
  • Very easy to use for literally a few minutes each day
  • Includes: Instructional DVD, carry bag, guidance chart & Acupressure Identification Chart
  • Anatomically designed to reduce back pain and improve posture

To read the Clinical Trials click here

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