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Fireactiv Wrist / Hand Support

Ideal for: Arthritis, warmth, reoccurring stiffness and old injuries.

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"A natural, safe and drug free option to help treat wrist pain, sports injuries, RSI and arthritis. It is so light and easy to wear that it can be worn for all day soothing heat relief"
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A Fireactiv thermal wrist / hand support needs no batteries, has no wires and can be used time and time again by harnessing the natural power of nature. The support uses inbuilt technology in the form of bio ceramic particles. These particles reflect back the natural infrared heat from your body back into the muscle and joint beneath one of the special Fireactiv pads that you place into your support.

So how does it work?

Your wrist support is supplied with a fast acting red pad and a white slow release pad. These can be interchanged to suit your requirements.

During the manufacture of your support, special bio-ceramic particles are fused into the fibres of the pads. When worn against the skin the long wave infrared radiation is reflected back into your wrist and surrounding ligaments, tendons and muscles to create heat. This natural heat helps to reduce pain, particularly helpful with the pain of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and additionally helps speed up the natural healing processes within your body by increasing blood supply and thus oxygen to the affected area since the infrared heat helps to dilate your blood vessels.


Do Fireactiv supports really work though?

This is a question I have been asked in my clinic many times, mainly I think because there are no wires, batteries or microwaves to be seen!

Well the simple answer is a resounding YES! The red pads actually get really hot and the heat lasts a good while after the pad is removed too! That is why your support also comes with a white pad that still delivers deep tissue warmth but with less intense heat than the red pad.

As with all my products I will not sell them unless they do what they say they will and pass the test of actually being used by me before I bring them to you on the website or in my clinics. And I can honestly say I was very impressed at how effective they are.

Former England and Lions rugby flanker Lewis Moody says "Strangely it gets hot but when you actually touch the pad it's cool. It's bizarre but this is genuinely something I wish I had when I was playing"

Fireactiv is natural, safe and easy to use

  • Red Pad gives deep intense heat
  • White pad gives milder heat for sustained use
  • Pads are only a few millimetres thick so no bulky discomfort can be felt beneath your support
  • No need for sticky, smelly and messy heating creams
  • Easy to use velcro fastening
  • Soft neoprene construction for all day comfort


Fireactiv heat can penetrate up to 5cm into your joints and muscles

  • A safe drug free alternative to pain relief
  • Improves blood circulation to the area of pain
  • Heat helps soothe stiff joints and muscles
  • Helps improve flexibility and joint mobility
  • Your fingers and thumb remain free so it is ideal to be worn at home or in the office


FireActiv for Arthritis - your wrist support can be used alongside your daily routine and is an ideal drug free complimentary therapy to other arthritis treatments. The soothing heat helps reduce the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

FireActiv for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Your wrist support is extremely comfortable to wear all day providing you with the additional benefits of a continous soothing deep heat which helps promote an increased blood supply to help reduce the pain and inflammation and thus helping towards a speedy recovery.

Fireactiv for Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) - RSI can present as pain, tightness, ache and a throbbing type sensation to the wrist and hand. The support offers both wrist support and stability via the compression and a soothing warmth over the area which can assist with pain relief and tissue healing.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash in warm water or use the gentle machine wash cool cycle. Wash with with detergent (non-bio) or mild soap. Dry products at room temperature. Do not tumble dry, do not use bleach or fabric softener.


Do not use over broken, sensitive or infected skin, if you suffer skin allergies, if you are pregnant, if you have a high fever, high blood pressure or use a pacemaker or any other internal or external electronic device. If in doubt seek guidance from your doctor.


Measure around your wrist.

One size fits all from minimum to maximum below:

Minimum:   5 1/2 inches

Maximum: 11 1/2 inches

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