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Ankle/Foot Supports

Our range of foot and ankle supports have been expertly selected for their quality, function and comfort. Ankle supports can help with the following:

  • Support and pain relief for damaged ligaments and muscles.

  • Warmth and support for mild sprains and arthritis.

  • Extra support and compression for injury prevention during sporting activities. 

Our fluid insoles also help with weak or fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spur and knee and hip pain and morton's neuroma.

" Great for not only keeping your ankle supported but also keeping it warm to help alleviate pain"
Ankle Support Bandage
Ideal for: Mild arthritis, warmth, control of oedema and general ankle support
Was: £12.00
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"The original POWERSTRIDES - over 250,000 pairs sold"
Magnetic Insoles
Traditionally used for arthritis of the foot and ankle.
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"A premium quality best selling ankle brace offering zero restriction and maximum immobilisation"
Malleo Dynastab BOA Ankle Brace
Ideal for: Returning to sport after injury and mild to moderate sprain.
Was: £49.99
"A very comfortable premium quality support for mild to moderate activity"
Malleo-Action Ankle Support Brace
Ideal for: Painful ankle joints caused by a sprain or oedema.
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"High quality comfortable night sock with anti-slip feature for those night-time bathroom visits"
Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock
Ideal for: Plantar fasciitis, heel spur and rehabilitation of the plantar fascia.
Was: £25.99
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"More movement, more feel. Designed with sports men and women in mind this ankle support is cut to fit comfortably into your boot or trainer"
Pro Sport Ankle Brace
Ideal for: Ankle injuries involving ligament strains to either the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) and supporting the return to sport.
Was: £31.99
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Reinforced Ankle Support
Ideal For: Sprains, returning to sport following injury and ankle instability
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"Ideal when your ankle requires the support required to help prevent further injury and twisting"
SG90 Ankle Support
Ideal for: Mild to moderate ligament strain, ankle ligament and returning to sport/activity.
Was: £19.99
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Silistab Achillo
Ideal for: Achilles tendon disorders and achillies tendon protection.
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