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" Great for not only keeping your ankle supported but also keeping it warm to help alleviate pain"
Ankle Support Bandage
Ideal for: Mild arthritis, warmth, control of oedema and general ankle support
Was: £12.00
 In Stock
Anti-Epicondylitis Elbow Brace
Ideal for: Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow and epicondylitis
 In Stock
Was: £4.99
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"A high strength formula to help tackle Candida"
Help with Candida albicans
Was: £15.65
 Out Of Stock
"I use this in my own osteopathic practices"
Comfort Cream®
Massage cream made from extracts of medicinal plants
 In Stock
"Don't forget the P&P is free on everything"
Devil's Claw
Traditional Herbal Medicine
Was: £14.95
 In Stock
Add up to 8 inches to your waist
EXT120 Extender
Posture Support Brace waist Extender
 In Stock
Ideal for:Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, epicondylitis and ligament trauma.
 In Stock
Epimed Pro Master Elbow Support
Ideal for: Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, epicondylitis and ligament trauma.
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"A natural, safe and drug free option to help treat lower back pain, discomfort and arthritis. Comfort, support and soothing heat relief"
Fireactiv Back Support
Ideal for: Arthritis, warmth, reoccurring stiffness and old injuries. LIMITED SALES STOCK
Was: £49.95
 In Stock