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Sacroiliac Support Belt

Ideal for: Sacro-iliac joint pain and dysfunction.

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"Specifically designed for sacroiliac support and pain relief"
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Sacroiliac support belt for sacroiliac joint pain and dysfunction.

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is situated below either side of your lower back and can normally be identified by two dimples (one each side) above your gluteal muscles.

Pain in the sacroiliac joint caused by ligament pain due to SI joint instability may often be helped by using a specific support for the SI joints. Unlike a lower back support which is worn around the lower back and waist a sacroiliac support belt is positioned below the lower back. It works by gently compressing the pelvis which acts to support the sacrum and SI joints.

Sacroiliac instability may also create pain due to dysfunction (SPD) to the symphysis pubis joint (the joint located at the front of your pelvis) particularly during the later stages of pregnancy. The SI support may also be helpful at reducing SPD pain.

Our sacroiliac support has a front Velcro fastening and additional side pulls to increase the support and compression required for sacroiliac pain relief. 

Size Guide and Dimensions
75 - 83cm
29.5 - 32"
83 -91cm
32.5 - 35"
91 - 99cm
35.5 - 38.5"
99 - 107cm
39 - 42"
107 - 115cm
42.5 - 45"

Dimensions of Back Support

Depth at back 6.5" (16cm)

Depth at front 3.75" (9.25cm)

Product Reviews
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Bought this belt for my 100 yr old mother who was finding increasing discomfort in her back, just below her waist. She loves it and says the support it has given her is amazing. She is able to walk with her frame in a much more upright position and her discomfort has eased considerably. Thank you.
Received the belt on time. Simple to put on and quite comfortable. Providing good support during walking, cycling and and also a great aid in the garden. Seems to be just the job as I have been troubled for some time. Very pleased with the belt.
Ordered this and it arrived the next day very comfortable to wear back has been a lot better since wearing the belt would recommend
Really pleased with the product and think it's a great price. Arrived the next day which was brilliant. Easy to wear either under or over clothes and discrete, not too bulky. I like the depth of support, it helps to stabilise my whole SI joint and lumbar spine region and being a bigger lady the velcro straps hold very securely when sitting etc and it doesn't ride up. Comfy enough to wear it overnight too which is great for when my joint is at it's loosest.
Very pleased with my purchase of sacroiliac belt . Have found it so helpful , really comfortable to wear . Have had si problem for years .and found it very restrictive ! Now I can walk much further and without significant pain . Thank you !
Ordered this and it arrived the next day so good start. The belt is well made in a neutral flesh colour and was chosen over other SI belts because it is wider and therefore gives more support to a larger area than just the sacroiliac joints. Itís easy to wear, adjustable and warmth from the middle neoprene pad is comforting. I have had a hyper-mobile left SI for years and despite radio frequency ablation, which was only partly successful, have been in constant pain when walking, mowing the lawn or hoovering - anything with any twisting motion involved exacerbates it - so decided Iíd try a support brace. Itís not the panacea of all ills but itís certainly made my back feel more stable, my pelvis is better supported when walking and I feel better wearing it than not when doing garden chores. I donít want to wear it all the time as although itís not restrictive itís more comfortable to slouch about in the evening without it! Itís a very reasonable price and certainly worth buying if nothing works for pain and discomfort in the SI region. Thereís still not much help for sacroiliac problems apart from physio, exercises and a 50/50 chance of injections working so if you think it might help give it a go. The customer service from this company is efficient and itís useful to have a video of how to adjust and wear the belt. Would have been grateful for a better idea about sizing as itís a bit vague as to which bit to measure to get the correct size but it wasnít rocket science so pleased with the result and glad I bought it.
Great product, really worked for my lower back pain. Info on website was very helpful and helped me to choose the right product. Very fast postage. Thank you
Dear Jo, Thank you for your review, I am pleased that you were happy with the delivery and product.
Great service, good advice and spent time discussing options. Product arrived as described and has provided me with some relief and support. Would recommend this company.
Dear Janet, Thank you for taking the time to write such a positive review.
Very helpful and informative advice
Dear Wendy, I am pleased to hear that you find us helpful and informative it is something we really pride ourselves on.
Gives good support when gardening.
Dear Gill, Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review pleased that you are able to enjoy your gardening.
Excellent quality I have back problems also have had multiple fractures to my pelvis so this was ideal supports my back and pelvis when doing chores excellent product
Dear Linda, Thank you for the review. I am pleased to hear that you are finding the support so helpful.
Definitely helped relieve tension and pain more than my old narrow belt. Would highly recommended trying it and excellent service, thank you A*****
Dear Caroline many thanks for taking the time to submit your review. We are very please you are happy with the product
Daisy (Customer Care)
First class product -enormously retried as soon as I put it on - Thank you
Hello Dorothy, thank you for the product review. We are very pleased that you are finding the SI Belt helpful and that it is bringing you some comfort.
Daisy (Customer Care)
A very good product at a reasonable price. My lower back pain is much less painful since I received since I have been wearing your wonderful back support.
Dear Valerie, I have a big smile reading your kind comments. Stay safe.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
I have advanced osteoarthritis in my spine as well as the sacro-iliac joint and this belt supports both. It is very comfy to wear and eases the ache and pain. I would definitely recommend your company and this item....thank you.
Dear Pearl, sorry to hear that you have advanced spinal arthritis but glad to hear that you are pleased with your support. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
I wore the support on a long day of driving and sitting which would normally leave me uncomfortable at best but I was in no pain, very pleased.
Dear Geraldine, It genuinely makes me happy to read that you are very pleased. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes so a few kind words such as yours makes it all worth while.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
This is a very good item, well made and helps to hold the pelvis joint in place. Easy to wear not too uncomfortable. Well made support with Velcro straps which take a great grip. Very happy with this item and would highly recommend this company as they provide a great customer service. Thankyou
Dear John. Thank you on two levels. Firstly for taking the time to share your feedback and secondly for your kind words. We work very hard to source high quality products that work and then to offer our best customer service which for the most part we get it right so when I read a review that confirms this it genuinely makes all the hard work worth while. Many thanks
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
I bust my sacroiliac joint 38 years ago and these days standing for any length of time is torture. In my charity work I do four hour shifts and go home half crippled. I bought this product and use it on this work. What a difference. I still have some discomfort but it is a huge improvement, and I donít have to lie down for 2 hours after a 4 hour shift. So now I can carry on with my valuable charity work with
Dear Stephen, it genuinly makes me happy to hear how a back support can really help reduce pain and improve quality of life. Thank you for taking the time to submit you feedback.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
It has helped to ease the feeling my back is going to snap but still get pain but overall good buy Thank you
Dear Kirsty, I am glad that your support is helping ease your symptoms but if the pain persisits I would recommend that you get it checked by your GP, Osteopath or other healthcare professional just to be 100% sure and it may be that some appropriate exercises may also assist with your recovery.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
My daughter is absolutely delighted by the belt, instant pain relief
Thank you so much for such a postive review, and we are very happy that your daughter is finding it helpful.
Very fast delivery this fits under my jeans is light weight compared to me goe belt but works just as good
Dear Julie, Thank you for taking the time to write this review, we are pleased that the Sacroiliac Support Belt helps and is easy to wear with jeans and allows you to wear it at anytime.
This has made a huge difference to my back. I have suffered with back pain for years. This belt really helps stabilise my back as sometimes my back literally feels like it's going to collapse (obviously it's not) but it gets so tired and this belt helps combat the muscle and ligament fatigue.
Was not sure if it would fit, as My hips measure 56 inches at the moment. It does and feels nice and supportive. A bit to early to comment on joint pain relief, but I am quietly optimistic.Order arrived quickly.
Julie Turley
Dear Julie, Thank you for taking the time to share your review and we are pleased that you are finding it supportive. Let us know how you get on with it.
Daisy (Customer Care)
No problems I have had a back problem for 20+ years so I'm willing to try anything! This seems okay but I have only worn it a few days. Time will tell!!
The belt has reduced my pain to just a mild ache so I am hoping after a few weeks longer I will be pain free. I would also say the overall level of comfort and ease of use are excellent so far.
This arrived very quickly. My pain has become less since wearing it for only a few days. Merci beaucoup.
Simonette Monteil

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Question from Pauline
SI support belt. What is the measurement required for sizing please? Is it the waist measurement, or the measurement round the hips, for a correct fit? Thank you.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (23/10/19)
Dear Pauline, For correct sizing measure your waist. Many people ask where exactly is 'my waist?' so for anyone reading this your waist is the soft fleshy area above your iliac crests (often referred to as your hips) This is usually at about the level of or just above your belly button. I hope this helps

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