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Posture Support

Improves Shoulder Alignment

(5/5 from 6 Reviews)
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"A top quality and comfortable support to help improve your posture"
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Improve and help correct your posture by supporting your upper back and shoulders with this easy and comfortable to wear shoulder support brace. This simple posture aid helps re-align, support and consciously remind you to improve your posture while sitting and standing.

  • Can be worn all day
  • Simple to apply and remove
  • Low profile straps and velcro fastenings for added comfort
  • Air permeable cotton cover

This support can also be used to secure and stabilise your shoulder girdle following sprains and traumas to your collar bone(s).

  • Worn by all age groups to assist with posture
  • Suitable for both men and women who want shoulder and upper back support
  • Look younger by improving your posture

Poor posture can create increased muscle tension and pain to your neck, upper back and shoulders. Increased muscle tension may also lead to joint pain due to the increased stress on your spinal joints.

  • Helps reduce pain by encouraging natural alignment of your joints
  • Helps reduce muscle tension associated with a bad posture

This shoulder support brace is always held in stock but due to its popularity stock levels can be low at times.

Size Chest Circumference  
Small 66cm - 81cm
Medium 82cm - 97cm
Large 98cm - 113cm
Product Reviews
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I have a brachial plexus injury and severed nerves to my left shoulder. I had a custom leather sling made years ago to give my arm some support but time finally took it's toll and it gave up a few weeks ago. Searching for a suitable replacement strap, I found this and figured it would be worth a try. I had a webbing strap stitched to the left side with a clip to attach my forearm brace and it works a treat. Very comfortable, I can feel the weight of my arm being distributed evenly across my back, rather than just under my right armpit as my previous brace was want to do. The cross straps across the back really help spread the weight and offer great adjustment. I will be buying another one or two of these so I can alternate use and actually be able to wash them.
Dear Paul, It is so very nice to hear that a product helps and I really appreciate you taking the time to leave your review. If you do go ahead and purchase a couple more email me first and I will see if I can arrange for a little discount.
Tim (Registered Osteopath)
An excellent product that has certainly done the trick. Prompt delivery and service. Highly recommended product and website
Probably like most people you buy a cheap item on a certain shopping channel that doesn't work then you buy a product fit for purpose from a proper website like yours. Thank you and I will recommend your website without hesitation.
Mr Clarke
I'm really pleased with this product as its a lot stronger and better quality than others I have found on the market. The service I received was great and my order arrived very promptly. Thanks for your help.

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Question from Cheryl
This posture support looks too bulky to wear under sweaters and shirts. It is for my husband and he won't wear it over his clothes unless he's home. Would my husband have to wear this all day or can he wear it when he gets home from work for a few hours a day? BTW, his job consist of sitting at a computer all day. Thank you.
Answer from Tim (Registered Osteopath) (28/02/18)
Dear Cheryl, Thank you for your question. If your husband wears this in the evening and / or at weekends when at home this should still help to improve his posture. By wearing it, it will help retrain his muscles and spine to achieve an improved sitting position and posture which should carry over for when he isn't wearing it at work. I would also recommend considering taking a work station assessment to further help with his posture awarness while in the work place.
Question from Gordon
I received my support today and just slightly confused. The picture on the website and on the front of the instructions seems to have the product fitted th eother way round to the actual instructions on how to wear it. Or does it just look like that on the model?
Answer from James Customer Service Team (10/05/17)
Dear Gordon, the main website picture shows the front view but if you look at the additional pictures you should be able to see the view as worn from behind. Also take care that it is fitted the correct way up. If you are still unsure please feel free to call us and we will gladly help you.

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