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Posture Help

Our range for posture help is designed to be simple to use and genuinely help correct to posture. A posture support brace is designed to improve the alignment of your shoulders and upper back to help you stand and sit not only correctly but nicely too by helping you to avoid those bad round-shouldered postural habits that have formed over many years. Strengthening and improving your posture not only helps you look younger and taller but also helps take the tension out of your muscles and tendons. The supports help to reverse bad postural habits and by taking the stress off of your spinal joints helps to encourage a natural spinal alignment and efficient posture. We also have a range of foam rollers, coccyx cushions and a mini gym that all help the bodies core muscles strengthen and enhance posture for all ages. 

At The Bad Back Company we don't just believe in offering great products, we also believe in offering a great service. Our Pain Guru has over 20 years' experience in Osteopathy and has written a selection of handy pain guides available on the site, and is always on hand to help answer any pain related questions you have. We also offer FREE UK Delivery and an unbeatable 30 Day money back guarantee to all our customers. 

Add up to 8 inches to your waist
EXT120 Extender
Posture Support Brace waist Extender
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