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Computer Injuries

When it comes to computer injuries, ignorance can be agony. So to help you we have tried, tested and selected products that help both prevent and ease computer related repetitive strain injuries. Here are 3 tips to also help you avoid RSI.

1) Keep your wrists level with your keyboard. Above or below will stress the wrist joint. A keyboard or mouse wrist cushion can be helpful to keep a neutral wrist and hand alignment.

2) Watch your posture! For quick and simple ideas about how to sit correctly click here.

3) Take regular breaks. These cost nothing and yet just 5 minutes every half hour or so will significantly help both prevent and ease existing RSI. Try some simple shoulder rolls and a short walk across the office to help even more.


Bedford Finger Splint
Ideal For: Finger support and strain
 In Stock
Elastic Thumb Spica
Ideal for: Arthritis, sprain and MCP joint injury.
 Out Of Stock
Epimed Pro Master Elbow Support
Ideal for: Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, epicondylitis and ligament trauma.
 In Stock
Fuctional Resting Splint
Ideal for: Arthritis, stabilisation, pre and post surgical use.
 Out Of Stock
Ligaflex Rhizo
Ideal for: Light to moderate sprain, rhizarthrosis and immobilisation of the thumb.
 In Stock
Mallet Finger Splint
Ideal for: Tendon trauma, mallet finger and strain
 In Stock
Push CMC Brace
Ideal for: Arthritis
 Out Of Stock