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It's estimated that Arthritis affects 10 million people in the UK alone, with one in five of the adult UK population suffering from Arthritis. At The Bad Back Company we help improve the quality of life for those suffering with Arthritis. We stock a range of natural anti-inflammatory pain relieving products and remedies including leading brand supplements to help with your arthritic pain relief. Some of our most popular products we sell for arthritis care are our range of magnetic Knee, back, neck and wrist supports Each of our Arthritis products have been specially selected by our Pain Guru, and with over 20 years' experience as a practicing Osteopath our Pain Guru selects only the best products that he regularly recommends and sells to his clients. We offer FREE UK Delivery on all our products and a great no quibble returns policy.

At The Bad Back Company we're dedicated to providing you with the best pain relief and prevention products available, if you're unsure which of our Arthritis products are best for you then contact our Pain Guru online today, he can help you select the right products for your condition. We also work with our Pain Guru to create a FREE pain relief guide and regular blog updates to help you understand your pain and how to best to manage it.

" Great for not only keeping your ankle supported but also keeping it warm to help alleviate pain"
Ankle Support Bandage
Ideal for: Mild arthritis, warmth, control of oedema and general ankle support
Was: £12.00
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Arthritis Door Handle Extension
Ideal for: Those that need help opening a door
Was: £22.50
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Copper Arthritis Gloves
Ideal for: Arthritis in the hands and fingers
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"A natural, safe and drug free option to help treat lower back pain, discomfort and arthritis. Comfort, support and soothing heat relief"
Fireactiv Back Support
Ideal for: Arthritis, warmth, reoccurring stiffness and old injuries. LIMITED SALES STOCK
Was: £49.95
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Jura Wrist Thumb Brace
Ideal for: Arthritis, fracture and sprain
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Ligaflex Rhizo
Ideal for: Light to moderate sprain, arthritis, rhizarthrosis and immobilisation of the thumb.
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"The original POWERSTRIDES - over 250,000 pairs sold"
Magnetic Insoles
Traditionally used for arthritis of the foot and ankle.
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"A very comfortable premium quality support for mild to moderate activity"
Malleo-Action Ankle Support Brace
Ideal for: Painful ankle joints caused by a sprain or oedema.
Was: £17.95
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Microwavable Shoulder Heat Pad
Ideal for: Arthitits, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain and Heat Therapy
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