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Posture Support and Correction Experts

Incorrect posture is one of the leading causes of muscle tension leading to aches and pains and the possibility of lasting health conditions. Incorrect posture is one of the leading causes of back pain and maintaining incorrect posture over an extended period of time can lead to a number of longer-term back problems. Many posture issues come from our working lives where we may maintain an unhealthy posture for extended periods of time whilst undertaking computer work or repeating physical tasks many times during each working time. The Bad Back Company offers the advice and tools to address, prevent and correct posture issues before they are able to develop into long-term back pain or other muscular conditions and issues.

Poor posture can present a number of short and longer term issues and can create future problems and limitations in your personal, professional and sporting life. One of the most common problems with posture is that caused by slouching, typically at work and is most often experienced by those who spend large proportions of their working day at a computer or workstation. Excessive slouching can adversely affect the efficiency of the lungs. Poor posture can cause an increase in downward pressure on the lungs which limits the amount of space they have in the chest and prevents them working at optimum capacity. In the short term this can cause shortness of breath but, longer term, this type of poor posture can cause deterioration in the lung’s efficiency and increase the risk of respiratory problems later in life.

Bad posture is also well documented as increasing the risk of injury in athletes. Poor posture can impact athletes competing in a wide range of sports but is particularly likely to affect overhead athletes who can experience degenerative shoulder and muscle injuries as a result of historic posture. It is often recommended that athletes utilise posture supports and back braces to help minimise the risk of injury both during and away from their sport. This type of posture support is particularly important where the back and shoulders are liable to experience high levels of stress such as in weight lifting where, if good posture is not maintained, neck and shoulder issues can ensue.

Poor posture isn’t confined to athletes and those with physical jobs however, anyone can be at risk of neck, shoulder and back problems in later life as a result of day-to-day bad posture. The Bad Back Company was founded and is run by a qualified and highly experienced Osteopath. We know the importance of good posture and have carefully chosen a select range of posture supports and posture braces which help both maintain correct posture and begin to correct established bad posture.