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  • How do I measure my waist size correctly?

    Do not worry many people are a little unsure exactly how to do this but when done correctly ordering the correct size from us is simple.

    Step 1: Firstly lift or remove any clothing.

    Step 2: Use your fingers and thumbs to find the top of your hips, the easiest way is to lightly push from the outside of each side, and then using your fingers in the same way to locate the base of your rib cage. Your waist is the soft, non boney, fleshey area between your hips and rib cage.

    Step 3: While standing, place a tape measure around this soft fleshey area on or just above your navel and take the measurement. Do not breath in and hold your breath when measuring. The tape measure should be parallel to the floor and should not be pulled tight so as to dig into your waist as this will give you an inaccurate measurment.

    Step 4: Now that you know exactly how to locate and measure your waist repeat step 3 over your clothing if you are going to wear your support outside your clothes.

  • What size do I order?

    We display a size guide alongside each product that we sell. When ordering items which can be worn either under or over your clothing, for example a back support, take care to measure your waist accurately and over a typical layer of clothing if you are going to wear your support in this way. Many of our customers do wear their back support over clothing when at work for ease of use.


  • What happens if I order the wrong size?

    Occasionally people do order the wrong size and in such circumstances we are happy to exchange your item(s) for a different size. Please refer to our Returns Policy for full details. Please remember we cannot accept returns without a returns authorisation number which can be obtained be either an email or telephone request.


  • What is the cost of delivery?

    All orders are subject to a default Free UK delivery. This is a Royal Mail second class postage and may take between 2-5 days to reach you after dispatch. We offer a first class Royal Mail option for £1.99 and a Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm delivery for £4.99 if you would like to speed your order along. ( Please see Delivery & Returns for full details of Guaranteed Next Day Delivery) These delivery options are shown and can be selected during the ordering process.

  • How do I return or exchange an item?

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Click Here to see the full returns details and policy should you need to return or exchange your order.


  • Voucher Codes


    We do not subscribe to voucher code websites simply because instead we prefer to offer the best price direct to you on our website.

    For details of the latest news, tips and our own discount codes for special offers why not subscribe to our newsletter.

    We will only send out occasional and relevant news letters and never share your details with third parties.

  • Can you diagnose my pain or injury?

    We are unable to give any medical adive or diagnosis. However, your doctor may recommend products that can be found on the website to assist with your pain, recovery and rehabilitation.

  • What is your telephone number?

    We are always happy to assist. You can reach us on 0345 606 3335 which is a local rate from a BT landline. 

  • How to care for my Joya Shoes

    Care & Use Guidelines for Joya Shoes

    Joya footwear is a high-quality product built with leading internationally patented Joya Sole Technology, developed in Switzerland. To experience the most fulfilling and long-lasting use of your Joya footwear, we ask you to carefully read the following care and use guidelines: 

    Advice Regarding Leather

    Joya footwear is made of extremely high-quality natural leather that requires reasonable care; sensitivity to water and scratching are a part of its natural attributes. For best results apply suitable leather treatment products to your Joya footwear. Note that as with all leathers its color may fade and that slight variations in its color are not uncommon. Occasionally synthetic leather is also utilized in some Joya footwear products. 

    Sole Characteristics

    The midsole of Joya footwear is encapsulated by a ½ millimeter thick protective film layer. This extremely thin and highly elastic protective film layer surrounds the delicate soft-elastic midsole, thus giving Joya footwear its unique active comfort feature. Pay attention not to mechanically damage this protective film layer. The sole of the footwear is very flexible and hard wearing. It will take at least four million steps before the high tech material wears out -- this equates to approximately two years of use, but may vary slightly from individual to individual (based on user weight and on which surfaces used). With time and use the body will become increasingly more accustom to Joya footwear and to its unique active comfort feature. 

    Advice Regarding Use

    Joya footwear is not a substitute for daily exercise. If you intend on using Joya footwear as part of your exercise and well-being program, we advise that for best results you consult a fitness or medical professional such as a personal trainer, physical therapist or physician. If you intend on using Joya footwear as means of helping treat pain, known ailments and/or problems with your feet, ankles, legs, joints, back etc. we advise that for best results you consult your Doctor.

    Important Shoe Care Recommendations

    Joya Shoe Care Advice

  • What is your Twitter address?

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