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Why we and our customers love FireActiv products.

Why we and our customers love FireActiv products.

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Fireactiv is a unique and popular range of compression and recovery supports that can also supply deep heat to the wearer. Ideal for those who want to aid recovery, that suffer with arthritis or have a joint stiffness and ache. The Fireactiv supports range have something for everyone. In the following article we are going to explain why they are not only popular with our customers but why our resident osteopath Tim is also a big fan. “As the weather is getting colder arthritic joints tend to get more painful but heat is typically very soothing and helpful in getting stiff joints moving” “The Fireactiv range offers both heat and support which for many of my patients is a huge relief”


What causes the Frieactive Support to warm up?

The best and most unique part of the Fireactiv support is that which allows it to heat up is you! When the Fireactiv supports are manufactured bio-ceramic heat reflective particles are fused into the fibres. Once placed against the skin, these bio-ceramic particles reflect deep heat back into the body.

“This reflected heat is known as long wave infrared radiation. Long wave radiation dilates blood vessels, increases blood and oxygen circulation which speeds up the healing process.”

Red pad: There is a greater amount of the bio-ceramic heat reflective particles in the red pad thus allowing for the support to deliver intense deep heat for fast pain relief. 


White pad: There are less of the bio-ceramic heat reflective particles within the white pad offering a more gentle heat which is ideal for longer periods of wearing.

Why we and our customers love FireActiv products.


How do the Red and White Pads Differ?

The support comes with two pads both a Red Pad and a White Pad.

Red Pad: is specifically designed to supply the wearer with ‘Deep and intense heat for pain relief and faster mobility’

White Pad: Designed for ‘Milder heat for sustained use.’



Why would or should you choose a Fireactive Support?


Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Fireactiv thermal supports are a natural, non-invasive way of dealing with joint and muscle pain.

Fireactive thermal supports offer continuous heat whilst being worn and do not require a battery or power supply.


Aches, pains, strains and sprains
Fireactiv thermal supports also provide variable support and strong compression that can aid recovery with the benefit of a soothing heat.


Fireactiv supports are ideal for those that suffer with arthritic joints. Simple principles of heat and support are typically helpful for arthritic type joint pain.

Why we and our customers love FireActiv products.


When would or should you choose to use a Fireactiv Support?


Whilst warming up
Effective warm up to any physical exercise is essential in the prevention of injury. Choose the Red Pad to help warm up and increase your muscle’s elasticity.


For sport and activity
Fireactiv supports may be worn during light sporting activity such as golf, horse riding, bowls, hiking and activities such as gardening and DIY.


When finished exercising
Maintaining blood circulation to the muscles is key to post physical activity recovery. You can use the Fireactiv effectively to ‘warm down’ after exercise is completed. This may be helpful in reducing stiffness in muscles and joints following activity.  



Fireactiv supports are readily available your neck, back, elbow, knee and ankle.



Fireactiv supports are suitable for almost anybody suffering from arthritis, joint pain and discomfort who wants both the comfort and healing of heat and the pain relief of a support


Why we and our customers love FireActiv products.

Please Note: Do not use a Fireactiv support if you have any of the following
You have a high fever
You have skin allergies or damaged skin or any other skin condition.
You have a pacemaker, other electronic device fitted, or high blood pressure.
You are or maybe pregnant.
Do not use the product on or bring in contact with any sensitive parts of the body such as eyes.
Please seek the guidance of a doctor prior to use.

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