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Tim reviews Rubbeez a natural anti-inflammatory massage cream

Tim reviews Rubbeez a natural anti-inflammatory massage cream

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Tim our Osteopath reviews Rubbeez massage cream.

There are lots of different massage creams on the market and lots of different ingredients used in them. So when it comes to my work as an osteopath I look for a product I like to use on myself and my own family and therefore if it meets my own high standards then I feel it is both a product I can use in my own osteopathic practice and also one I can recommend to my patients who wish to continue with some self home treatment.

Tim reviews Rubbeez a natural anti-inflammatory massage cream

I like Rubbeez because:

It is simple, natural and contains high quality natural ingredients that assist with muscular and joint healing. It is easy to use, it works into the area being massaged without slipping and sliding like an oil and has a non greasy finish. It has a pleasant, mild, clean and slightly menthol scent.

The four natural ingredients that I feel help make this a great product are:

Comfrey:  typically used for remedies to bone, cartilage, tendons and periosteum. 

Calendula:  traditionally known as the wound healer it helps with tissue granulation.

Hypericum: is traditionally used for injuries close to the nerve.

Arnica:  reduces bruising, swelling, joint pain and arthritic pain.


In my osteopathic work I use Rubbeez for massage into arthritic joints, sports injuries, to help reduce muscle spasm and often recommend it as a take home cream for patients to use on ligament injuries and RSI type injuries such as tennis and golfers elbow that benefit from it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Rubbeez was the official supplier to the British Ski & Snowboarding team at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and is also favoured by Zinzan Brooke the legendary All Blacks star.

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