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Lumbamed Plus Review

Lumbamed Plus Review

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Lumbamed Plus Back Support Review


You suffer lower back pain and maybe even sciatica. But it needs some help and support from time to time. Maybe it’s when you’re doing the housework, gardening or you’ve yet another long day at work.

Well as an Osteopath I can relate to all of these and many more descriptions of how lower back pain can limit, reduce or ruin your day. For some they give up their favourite sport or hobby because of the pain. For countless others they just cannot afford to take time off work. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the deadlines, meetings and targets that have to be met and back pain or not you MUST go to work. Sounding familiar?

So you or at least you potentially know somebody that suffers lower back pain. Well if so I’m confident that your back pain could potentially be the result of a muscle spasm, disc pain, pinched nerve or a flare up of your arthritic joints? Or maybe your back just feels vulnerable and like it could just ‘go’ at the slightest movement?

Or maybe your back pain has been resolved by your physio, osteopath, chiropractor or sports masseur but there is NO way you want to revisit that pain again. So like many people in this situation you avoid sport, hobbies and any activities that you feel might set the pain off again.

What if you could assist your back, even help prevent pain or further episodes of that excruciating, nagging horror that takes over your every movement of your everyday life without the need to depend upon pain killers to get you through your day.

A back support is for people just like you and the many people that can relate to the examples above who require that additional supportive help in their lower back. The Pain Guru has reviewed the Lumbamed Plus back support by Medi which is designed to give superior support for your lower back.

Current estimates exceed 8 million people in the UK suffer from chronic pain – pain that has not improved and has lasted more than 3 months.

Lumbamed Plus Review


So why did I review the Lumbamed Plus back support?


Well my daughter has a back problem. Yes it responds to my Osteopathic treatment but I also know that her work involves lots of repetitive bending and twisting of her lower back and that Osteopathy is not the total answer.

Sure I can reduce the muscle spasm and take away the pain but I can’t do the bending and twisting for her!

The Lumbamed Plus is a back support designed and manufactured in Germany. It offers superior all day comfort and support. Constructed from a technological knitted fabric that incorporates Clima Comfort technology, Clima Fresh and variable compression zones with integrated soft comfort zones this support gets five stars for the support it gives over the lower back and sacro-iliac joints.

✔  Clima Comfort technology reliably removes perspiration keeping you cool and comfortable when wearing your back support belt.

✔  Clima Fresh system ensures antibacterial freshness and prevents odour development within the belt.

✔  Integrated soft comfort zones with ultimate compression technology ensure maximum comfort & freedom of movement.


Overall Experience:


My daughter felt this was very supportive across her lower back and this improved her concentration at work as it significantly reduced her lower back pain, ache and stiffness.


Her Favourite beneficial feature: “ I couldn’t believe how well it fitted and even when I wore it under tightly fitted clothing it didn’t show”


The Lumbamed Plus has specific male and female versions. Each support is designed and shaped to both fit and support a male physique or female figure. It is available in 10 sizes ranging from an extra small right up to a 55” hip or 51” waist to ensure the best possible fit and support.


Her Criticisms of the support: “None except it can’t make my discs fat and juicy again!.. But then again I don’t think any support can”


Overall Pain Guru Comments:


"No back support can reverse a disc injury, arthritis or irrepairable damage in your back"

"However, the Lumbamed Plus does offer exceptional support and comfort allowing for all day use and back protection to help you manage your lower back condition effectively"


With FREE UK delivery and a 30 day money back guarantee the Lumbamed offers exceptionally high quality back support and protection to help with pain and injury prevention and is suitable for:


✔  Lower back pain of mechanical origin including facet joint pain

✔  Postural control of the lower back

✔  Muscular and ligament strain of the lower back

✔  Sacro-iliac joint pain and support

✔  Arthritic ache and discomfort of the lower back

✔  Drug Free and Natural way to fight pain



Special Offer

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Lumbamed Plus Review

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