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How to choose a new mattress

How to choose a new mattress

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Is your mattress in it’s 40’s ?


Headlines today in The Daily Mail report that thousands of people are sleeping on mattresses that were bought in the 1970’s ! That was when Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister and the average house price was just £10,000 !

So when should you replace your mattress?

A good mattress will last between 8 to 10 years, with most of us spending over 2500 hours in bed every year and doing at least 10 full body roll overs per night.


5 tell-tale signs it is time to buy a new mattress.  

  1. You can’t remember when you last bought a new mattress.
  2. You or your partner are not getting a good restful night’s sleep – if your mattress  is not providing adequate support you will toss and turn more in an attempt to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  3. There are lumps and bumps on the mattress – next time you change your bedding check out your mattress for lumps, bumps and saggy worn out areas.
  4. That hotel bed was just so comfortable- did you have the best night’s sleep in ages when you stayed on holiday? Hotel’s see the mattress as being very important for guest satisfaction and regularly make sure that the mattresses offer good support and therefore a good night’s sleep.
  5. You actually prefer to sleep on the sofa – it is a sure sign that you need to go shopping for a new mattress if your sofa is more comfortable than your bed!


What is the difference between memory foam mattresses and traditional sprung mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses feel very different to sleep on when compared to regular sprung mattresses. Memory foam reacts to your body heat and moulds to your body allowing you to sink into it when you sleep. For many people this is why they find memory foam so comfortable. The moulding characteristic of memory foam means more of your body is in contact with the mattress which tends to reduce the air circulation around your body, which in turn makes you feel warmer in bed. If you are someone that prefers to be cooler in bed take this into consideration when choosing a new mattress.

Which mattress is the most comfortable?

Comfort is a matter of personal preference and contrary to popular belief a mattress does not need to be firm to be comfortable. Be aware that even if you have a ‘bad back’ medical sounding mattresses such as ‘posturepedic’ or ‘orthopedic’ do not guarantee extra comfort or support.


How to choose a mattress – trying before buying

I would strongly advise trying out the mattress in the shop before you invest in your next 8 years sleep. Keep these tips in mind when visiting the bed shop.

  • If the mattress is for two then shop together.
  • Don’t be embarrassed or intimidated. A good bed shop will expect you to lay on their beds for at least ten minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and take your time to compare each bed you try.
  • Don’t let the sales assistant influence you. Only you and your partner know if the mattress is supportive and comfortable.


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I have found the article interesting and very helpful. I am considering purchasing a new bed especially since i have recently been diagnosed with degenerative spinal disease and u suffer from a great deal of pain. I have also considered lying on the bed but thought that this would be too embarrassing as the shop I intend to visit have their beds in the window of the shop. However and following your advice I will most definitely be testing the bed that I will be purchasing.

Regards and many thanks.
Susan Doyle on 10/10/2015