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Best Ankle Supports

Best Ankle Supports

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Did you know? 

Typically the UK’s A&E departments see 42,000 severely sprained ankles every year with 40% of those who suffer an ankle injury experiencing long term ankle pain and disability.

Injury can lead to arthritis.

Ankle arthritis is now estimated to affect 47.7 per 100,000 people in the UK.

Whether the cause of the pain is ligament strain or arthritis an ankle support can be very helpful for pain relief and regaining mobility.

But which ankle support is right for me?

The ankle support market is an overcrowded market place with many sellers having little knowledge about ankle injuries but The Bad Back Company led by expert osteopath Tim Everett have carefully selected a range of ankle supports specific to your needs.

Tim explained “Choosing the right support for your injury is key to pain relief and recovery.”

Research suggests ankle supports may help.

“Research suggests that an ankle support can be very helpful for pain relief, injury recovery, reduced incidence of acute injuries and regaining mobility “ Tim commented. Most health care professionals would agree that exercise is of great benefit to the human body but there can be situations, when despite treatment and rehabilitative exercise, that may stop or reduce the amount of exercise one can do. Even some of the world’s most prominent sports men and women use an ankle support to allow them to compete.

A good quality ankle support can assist with reducing or eliminating the majority of the pain and thus allowing beneficial exercise to take place.

How does an ankle support work?

Simply put ankle braces serve as external supports to an ankle. They are used for a number of reasons:

  • By limiting movement at the ankle joint this reduces the physical stresses and protects the joint.
  • To allow injured ligaments and tendons the time to repair from injury. By limiting movement and off-loading the physical stress tissues are allowed the time to heal.
  • Injury prevention. Many top class and amateur athletes use an ankle support.
  • Pain relief. Old injuries and the discomfort of arthritis can be helped when wearing an ankle support thus allowing the wearer to enjoy the freedom of their chosen activity

Our Top Ankle Brace Picks

Best Ankle Supports
 SG90 Ankle Support – this provides both support and compression to your ankle with the additional benefit of an adjustable elastic strap so that you can control the degree of comfort and control required.

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Best Ankle Supports
 Reinforced Ankle Support – An elastic knitted soft sleeve with an anatomically shaped weave designed for maximum comfort whilst offering good quality support. Additional comfort zones over the ankle bones (Malleolus) and patented pull tabs for ease of use make this a popular support.  

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Best Ankle Supports
 Boa Dynastab Ankle Brace – A premium lightweight brace offering a high level of adjustable support. Unique and simple to use Boa lacing system makes for the perfect fit and compression with the benefit of additional elasticated straps for a personalised degree of ankle immobilisation. The low profile is designed so that the brace can fit inside your shoe or trainer and to help reduce hot sweaty feet the support is made from 3D micro-aerated material. A very popular support offering a high level of ankle support.

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