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Back Baller Foam Roller Review

Back Baller Foam Roller Review

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The Backballer

An honest review from a genuine person!

Kelly Porter

Retail Manager - permanent sciatica sufferer.


My Story.

I have been a patient of Tim’s for the past 5 years and have suffered with sciatica for as

long as I can remember. Now, I will freely admit that Tim really did help my back and the

pain, but I can’t spend my entire life at the osteopaths I have a life too. So after a few weeks

where I couldn’t make the appointments as I was on holiday, my store needed me and the

dog was sick, I decided that I needed something that can help me some more than my

irregular appointments. That was when Tim suggested The Back Baller.


The Research.

So that night I went home after another day of being on my feet, rearranging stock and

driving my 45 minute commute, I decided I had to read about it. Now my research was

definitely interesting, it is used by Tottenham Football club, The New York Giants and many

others. But I must admit that it looked a little complicated and did I really need another

something in my life that is just going to collect dust in the corner. However, after reading

about people that say it has helped their lower back pain, and claimed that it was like have a physio at home I decided I had to give it a go.

Back Baller Foam Roller Review

Parcel Day.

I was surprisingly excited when it arrived and being the girly girl that I am was delighted to see that the pink version was as bright as I wanted (it’s the little things). As I unpacked it

I noticed that it was all very well packaged and was a lot lighter than I had expected. I

quickly read all the instructions as I was eager to get started.  I am 5’5” so I needed to

use the 2 inside slots and made sure I understood how to set it all up, which again was very

easy, it was quickly becoming less complicated and intimidating already. I then started

reading the leaflet. The Baller Programme is a key focus at this point, now as someone that

has suffered with sciatica for many years I am fully aware where most of my pain is; my lower

back, my glute and my hamstrings. The Baller programme has 10 exercises on it that help

all parts of the body and I was very much interested on the parts that actually cause me

pain. However I remember that Tim had told me to make sure that I did all of the

exercises and so had what I read online.


Day one.

So there I was with the dog asleep in his basket, dinner in the oven and Emmerdale on in

the background. I felt very relaxed and ready to begin, the first exercise was the ‘back’

which basically was me laying on the roller with my knees bent pushing backwards and

forwards - in a rolling motion, which as a doubter made me think this was a very basic

exercise. Now again being full of surprises it genuinely felt pretty good. So I continued for

the full minute, online it had kept talking about deep trigger point pressure and I was

unsure what they had meant. However now I understood which was a fantastic feeling, I

could sense it in all my muscles across the top half of my back and I felt extremely relaxed

and I could already feel some of the tension that had been across my back disappearing.

Back Baller Foam Roller Review

Day three.

I was now two days down and ready to complete the third day. I was starting to feel the

benefits and finding it easier and easier to use. The twenty minutes worth of exercise

manage to fit in perfectly with my evening routine and was not becoming a chore, (which I

had been concerned about). One my favourite exercises is the lower back. It really was the

one that I was desperate for relief and wanted to see results. The exercise again was

simple and effective so after two minutes of lower back, I knew that it was helping. In total

over the three days I had spent 6 minutes working on my lower back and it felt easier. I

would never say cured but most certainly felt easier just like after the osteopaths, however

this time it fitted perfectly into my day.


Day five.

The glutes, now for anyone that has ever suffered with sciatica you will know how painful it

can be. How it can hurt all the way across your back and in particular your glute area, I

suffer most after a long day at work, when I’m in bed. This caused me disturbed sleep and

lots of aggravation, however the glutes exercise has been very helpful, the rolling motion

keeps releasing that tension that is around the area. In doing so it is making the movement

in my back feel more relaxed and smoother which is causing me less pain across the whole



Back to the Osteopath

So although the Back Baller was a great addition to my back health and I could feel the

benefits from it already in the first 10 days, I decided that I should just go and check with

Tim that I hadn't done myself any damage and have a general back health check up. Well

we were both very impressed with my progress, the movement of my spine as a whole felt

much better and I was getting far less repetitive pain. We both agreed that considering my

inability to commit to regular treatment, the amount the back baller had helped my back

already we would cut down my treatments. I will now only see Tim every 3/4months just to

make sure that everything is ok and for a good catch up (I’m joking Tim is excellent).



After now using The Back Baller for 2 months I can officially say that I am a very satisfied

customer. I am now far more active and spend far more time actually able to sleep and live

my life than I was before. So as someone that really did doubt this product I am pleased to

say that I am happy to make it clear to everyone that I enjoy it and it has helped everyone

in my life in particular my beautiful dog, who now has far more energetic walks, that I can

keep going on again and again.

Back Baller Foam Roller Review


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