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Vitamin supplement Do's & Don'ts

Vitamin supplement Do's & Don'ts

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In an ideal world we would get all our vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the food we eat. We wouldn’t suffer from stress, lack of sleep, illness and we certainly wouldn’t get any older.  Our body would function at its optimum 100% of the time and would be able to utilise all the micro and macro nutrients from our food that help towards maintaining all aspects of good health. Sadly we do not live in such an idealistic world and any shortfall can lead to varying degrees of less than perfect health.

However, from a dietary aspect, a few carefully chosen best quality supplements is a simple way to make up any shortfall in vitamins, minerals and nutrients we would ideally be able to obtain from our diet. There are thousands of supplements available on the internet and when looking at websites there are often many different options and prices for the same supplement. Here at The Bad Back Company we have tried to simplify this by doing the research and elimination processes for you and the result is we only stock the best quality supplements that offer good value for money. You will also notice that none of our supplements come in fancy expensive packaging as we feel the money should be spent on the contents and we are sure you will agree.

So you have selected your supplement, but when and how is the best time to take it to get maximum benefit? The Pain Guru explains some best practices to consider when taking your vitamin, mineral or dietary supplements

Vitamin supplement Do's & Don'ts


Below are some essential DO’s and DON’Ts when taking your Vitamin and Mineral Supplements:

Don’t exceed the recommended dose. This is not only a waste but also potentially harmful.

Don’t double up if you forget to take a dose. Your body can only absorb a certain amount at a time so the double dose will mean some, if not all will go to waste.

Don’t take supplements with grapefruit juice. Some prescribed medication can be altered by grapefruit juice so just to be sure your supplement isn’t affected we recommend not to take them with grapefruit juice.

Don’t take your fish oil supplement on an empty stomach first thing in the morning as your body may use some of the EPA and DHA fatty acids for energy and not for the other key benefits of fish oils.

Don’t take your supplement with drinks that contain caffeine as this may affect the ability for you to absorb the key ingredients.

Don’t take your supplements with alcohol as this may reduce the absorption of the vitamins and minerals.

Don’t take Calcium supplements with a high bran food as this can interfere with the absorption of the Calcium. Instead wait a few hours for maximum benefit.

Don’t take your probiotic supplement with a hot drink as the heat may destroy the friendly bacteria.


Do try to take your supplement(s) at the same time each day.

Do spread the interval time when taking more than one tablet or capsule per day per supplement. This will allow your digestive system the best chance of maximum absorption and benefit for each supplement.

Do take fat soluble supplements with a food or drink such as milk that contains fat. Examples of fat soluble supplements include: fish oils & supplements that contain vitamins A,D,E,K.

Do try not to take your B vitamins late at night as they tend to have an energising effect and may consequently affect your sleep quality.

Do take your iron supplements with a drink that contains vitamin C as this will help maximise the iron absorption

Do take your vitamin and mineral supplement with a meal or at least after eating a snack.

Do check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking supplements if you are taking prescribed medication.

And finally..

Do remember to take them. Not even our carefully selected Supplements work in the bottle.


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The information given in the blog is invaluable as it is clearly sharing when to take these supplements and when to avoid.them, Most vitamins packs have very minimum information labelled
on the box.
Thank you very much for such a great blog. It is much appreciated.
Gulam Dalal on 17/03/2019
This is a really good blog on when to take take vitamin and mineral supplements, especially the point on taking after a meal or a snack.
Instructions on the pack usually just say take with water, but not
when and I expect many people, like me, just take them when spying
the container on the kitchen worktop.
Janet Hobart on 12/05/2014