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5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

Food for Health

Sure, in an ideal world we would only eat non processed fresh food but that is not always practical or convenient. However, The Pain Guru explains that not all packaged food is bad for you and some of this convenience type food is actually still very healthy. The Pain Guru lists his Top 5 Foods that are packed with health giving nutrients.


Frozen Fruit & Vegetables: 

5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

Fruit and Vegetables that are picked and frozen shortly after retain high levels of vitamins, minerals, fibre, anti-oxidants and nutrients and because they are frozen there should be no need to add any preservatives.


Greek Yogurt:

5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

Try to choose organic varieties that contain good levels of active bacterial cultures. This convenient food can be eaten at any time of the day for a healthy low fat protein fix and the live bacteria will aid both your digestive and immune systems. Yogurt is also an excellent source of potassium.


Canned Fish:

5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

Salmon, Sardines and mackerel for example are a cheap convenient packaged food that will be loaded with healthy omega fatty acids and are also a great source of protein.


Whole grain cereals:

5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

Try not to pick those with high levels of wheat as wheat can contribute to insulin sensitivity in some individuals. Try instead to pick cereals that contain oats, flaxseed, barley, rye and quinoa. Try to avoid flavoured cereals as the flavouring will almost certainly be artificial and there may also be added sweeteners and sugars which again are best avoided.


Canned Beans:

5 Packaged Foods that are Actually Healthy

Canned beans and lentils are packed with not only a great source of non-animal protein but also good levels of fibre which can help lower the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and therefore help protect your heart. Look for those cans without added salt or sodium but if these are not available be sure to rinse the beans under water to remove most of the sodium/salt before eating.


And a final consideration in terms of packaged nutrients are supplements. A good quality supplement can help boost your intake of healthy vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in levels that you may not always achieve from food alone. We only sell the best quality supplements at The Bad Back Company and will not compromise on quality. 


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