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The Best Posture Support Braces

The Best Posture Support Braces

Correct Posture

As a practicing osteopath I see many neck, shoulder and upper back problems. Many of these are the result of a hunched over bad posture and not only does the pain concern my patients but they are also worried about the long term damage it can cause and also how aging a bad posture can be. So in an effort to help correct bad posture I have tried and tested many posture correcting devices and below are my thoughts on the better options available.

How do Posture Braces work?

Bad posture is often the result of muscle imbalance. Some muscles will have become too short and others will be subjected to an unnatural straining in an attempt to lengthen.  To help improve your posture the posture brace devise will help retrain the muscles, ligaments and tendons and by providing a feedback mechanism they help improve muscle memory to establish a more natural and efficient spinal alignment.

What is the best posture support?

We offer leading brands of what we believe to be the best posture correction devices. Each has been specifically chosen for its superior design and build quality.

Find your perfect posture:

Harley Posture Corrector – Offering the gentlest postural correction of the five supports. This is ideal for those with arthritis since it offers generous but gentle support over the mid spine and shoulder blades. Adjustable with variable posture control whilst wearing. Front fastening.

Posture Medic – Quick and easy to use with good postural support. This model offers a popular junior version and comes complete with a stretch, strengthen and stabilise program. No fastening required. Non-adjustable.

The Best Posture Support Braces

Posture Support – German design and build quality. A good option for those wanting very firm postural control. Adjustable. Rear fastening.

Posture Feminine  – Designed in Sweden and designed specifically for women. It offers a good level of posture control and the discreet design is ideal for parties, meetings and social events when you just want to look your very best. Adjustable via rear hook and eye fastening as in a typical bra.

Posture Support Brace – Swedish design and build quality. A very popular option and our most comfortable posture support. This also has the benefit of giving postural support over the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine so is also suitable for those with arthritis and may be helpful with those with osteopenia. Adjustable and variable posture control whilst wearing. Front fastening.

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