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Reviewed. How a mini gym work out can improve your posture at home?

Reviewed. How a mini gym work out can improve your posture at home?

Correct Posture

Many of us are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and achieving a better body image is also on many people’s radar. I mean if you’re healthier then surely you are going to look better!

But are we all forgetting a key ‘something’ when it comes to looking good? Posture.

Poor posture is not only unaesthetically pleasing but it is also bad for our spine health not to mention our intervertebral discs. A hunched over upper back and neck is a huge weight and burden on your spine. Did you know that for every inch your head moves forward, its weight on your neck and upper back muscles increases by 10 pounds (4.5Kg)? Putting this in terms that we can all understand, a human head weighing 10lbs sitting just 2inches forward from the shoulders makes for 30lbs of increased pressure on both the neck, spine and upper back muscles, that’s very close to being the equivalent of two watermelons. That’s a surprising amount of weight when you think about it and this is potentially a very damaging amount of pressure and strain being placed on your spine, discs and muscles. I asked Tim our Osteopath about this and he agreed that forward head posture (FHP) as he calls it, is responsible for many of those pains experienced in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

So, can working out help? Well yes, but it must be done correctly. Tim also agreed.

Reviewed. How a mini gym work out can improve your posture at home?
Now let me introduce myself I’m Bronwyn and I work for The Bad Back Company, so you would think that posture and upper back pain would be something that I would not suffer with at all. This is not true. Like so many of us I sit at my office desk and find myself, like we all do at times, hunched over my keyboard typing away. (Actually, even as I’m typing I am finding that I am leaning forward, must make a mental note to remember the watermelon example)

So I set myself a challenge, try a new product that incorporates working out and includes specific posture strengthening exercise. The product I chose is our Mini Gym!

Now let me explain a little more about myself before I explain about our Mini Gym. I am in my mid to late 20’s, I am not overweight and I do not go to the gym at all, so this challenge was always going to be a real one.

One of the main questions and points in this challenge is can it improve my posture?

So, I sat down with Tim (Registered Osteopath to The Bad Back Company) to see what he said and what he advised. ‘Exercise is key to good posture, it helps develop a strengthened core, improve spinal alignment and condition your muscles. Done correctly exercises will target the key postural muscle groups helping to rebalance the muscular skeletal system which in turn will help take the strain and pain away from overloaded structures

The Mini Gym is basically a portable gym, which suits me perfectly because I have not got the time to actually go to the gym. It is full of simple effective exercises that we can all do and it really does not take up a large amount of my time. The mini gym comes with a short elastic band, a resistance band, a telescope bar and a door anchor that all allow for a range of different exercises and stretches. Each piece can be used combined or individually and because of this, the range of exercises can be varied from day to day.

I have been using the Mini Gym for 4 weeks now and I must say that the ability to use it anywhere did really help, I had a long weekend away which usually would mean that you can’t work out. However, the Mini Gym fitted easily in my bag and allowed me to keep up with the challenge. I mostly preferred using the Mini Gym at home, it was easy and I could fit it in to my day with very little difficulty.

Reviewed. How a mini gym work out can improve your posture at home?

But has my posture improved?

I would honestly say yes. I have also been far more conscious of the way I am sitting and standing throughout the day. I have found that with the exercises that I am stronger and I am able to hold myself far more comfortably in an upright position. I did notice that during the first week I was very aware of my upper body and that it ached from being so upright and this according to Tim was a very good sign as it meant that I was beginning to use my muscles that were previously lazy. He also felt that my posture had improved, I was definitely sitting more efficiently and apparently I even looked taller when I walked!

I am going to keep it up and continue to improve my posture, my core and my health on the whole because I personally feel that is a personal investment in my future health. I love the new-found energy I have and the fact that I am now in charge of my posture.

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