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How to fix bad posture.

How to fix bad posture.

Correct Posture

What is Bad Posture?

Bad posture is caused by a number of factors and I think most healthcare professionals would agree that correcting the imbalance in the muscles responsible is seen as key to helping restore a more functional aesthetic posture. As some muscles become chronically shortened others are subjected to increased loads and tensions often being stretched beyond their natural physiological capabilities. A prolonged imbalance of the muscles and tendons can lead to unnatural forces on the spine and spinal discs and the consequence of this will very often be an adaptive change in your spinal alignment leading to rounded shoulders, a hunched upper back and an increase in the curvature of the cervical spine creating the much written about forward head posture, FHP. As an Osteopath I often see this typical poor postural pattern in my clinics and without trying to complicate matters the increased thoracic spine kyphosis (rounding of the upper back) very typically results in a flattening of the lower back (a reduction in the lumbar spine lordosis) and the accumulative effect of the changes in the natural spinal curvatures is very often pain and stiffness. What the patient probably doesn’t know is that his or her spinal discs will also be subjected to increased loading as a consequence of these changes which is thought to be a leading cause of arthritis and degenerative disc disease.. if that all sounds very painful you are probably right!

To summarise

  • Muscle tension and imbalance leads to...
  • Adaptive compensatory changes in the natural spinal alignment leading to..
  • Forward head posture, rounded shoulders, hunched upper back (and more) leading to..
  • An increase in the wear & tear on the spine and spinal intervertebral discs.

How to fix bad posture.

How to Correct Bad Posture?

Correcting your posture in my humble opinion is so much more than just “shoulders back and chest out” It is about understanding how and why your posture has started to suffer and with this new understanding and awareness you can realistically begin to make changes that will halt the worsening, reverse the faults and make lasting changes to strengthen your posture for the future.

Where do I start?

The internet contains many books on the matter and millions of pages of information and arguably a lot of the information is very good but collating all the information or even remembering where the good information was on the net is a daunting task but with perseverance and lots of patience you can do this yourself.

  • Trawl the net
  • Spend time reading books
  • Decipher the good from the bad information
  • Cross your fingers and hope you’ve understood everything

Why Did We Create “Perfecting Your Posture”?

Correcting your posture is multifactorial and for some of us embarking on a structured Pilates or Yoga class, I admit that at the time of writing this we are into our 3rd UK lockdown and this is currently impossible, is potentially enough to start the journey and it is a journey. It took time to achieve your bad posture so it is reasonable to accept that it will take time to unwind all the stress and tension in your muscles, joints and spine. For many a Posture Corrector is also very helpful to support the beneficial changes and reinforce the newly acquired muscle memory of a good posture. Some say that wearing a Posture Corrector is like having your own personal physio with you all day reminding you of what to do and I can understand this having spoken to many satisfied customers who have purchased our own Posture Support. I personally believe that wearing a posture corrector (3) can be very helpful but embarking on some form of structured exercise (2) whilst also understanding how to prevent further postural damage (1) are key to succeeding in achieving long term postural improvement and this is quite simply why we created the guide.

  1. Eliminate bad habits though knowledge
  2. Learn what exercises are key to strengthening your posture
  3. A good quality Posture Corrector can help to reinforce muscle memory

How to fix bad posture.

Why Buy “Perfecting Your Posture

The authors of this guide have between them more than 50 years and thousands of clinical hours helping people improve their posture and reduce the pain and stiffness of a bad posture. They have brought together their combined knowledge in a simple and logical format saving you the many hours researching the internet. The guide brings together 10 topics that help you understand ‘Posture’ and enrich you with information about how it might be improved. The 10 topics are set out in an easy to use format allowing the reader to quickly learn about how they can help improve their posture.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of improving your posture
  • Work station ergonomics
  • Posture exercises
  • How to stand correctly
  • Our very own 20 Day Posture Challenge
  • And much more….. for just £5.99


I really like the posture challenge. I am at day 12 of it and wow i think i am seeing some positive changes so I am going to keep it up. :)
Helen on 25/01/2021
Bought this a week ago, very helpful thanks.
Jason on 25/01/2021