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Are You Sitting Correctly?

Are You Sitting Correctly?

Correct Posture

Sitting at an office desk operating a computer, mouse and keyboard whilst staring at a screen is becoming part of many peoples working day and with the pressure of targets and deadlines those days are becoming increasingly longer. Sounding familiar so far? And by the end of the day I can almost guarantee you’ll be suffering from postural stress too if you are sitting incorrectly. A tight neck, sore shoulders, stiff lower back are just some of the symptoms of postural strain that is caused by sitting incorrectly at your workstation.

So how can your posture at the computer be helped?

Well for the vast majority of us we can’t change our job but we can change our seated posture helping to reduce and alleviate the muscular aches and pains that can and do build up.

In the check list below I have outlined 5 key but effective steps you can take to start correcting your posture when sitting at your computer. It won’t be easy to begin with and may feel a little strange but persevere and you will start to invest in the future of your spinal health.


Ask a friend or work colleague to take a picture of you at your desk when you are least expecting the picture to be taken. Then compare yourself to the examples in the checklist below. If your posture looks like the guy on the left then you need to start making some changes so that the next time you’re snapped your picture and posture look like the example on the right.

And finally:

Remember to take frequent and regular breaks from your desk during the day even if it means just walking to the water dispenser and back.

Are You Sitting Correctly?