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Back Care Awareness Week 2017

Back Care Awareness Week 2017

Back Pain Help and Information

BackCare week 2017 - Back Pain in Education

Did you know that back pain results in over 10,000 working days being lost every single day ! That’s over 4,000,000 days lost every year.

The cost to the UK economy is a staggering £41 million per day!

Of course the figures above relate to working adults who suffer with back pain. Whilst there are many causes of back pain such as a heavy lift there are many other less obvious causes and many causes of back pain are the result of accumulative incorrect spinal stresses and resulting poor posture. These accumulative stresses and strains are attributed to many causes but our modern day sedentary lifestyles are thought to be a significant contributing factor.


Back Care Awareness Week 2017


The issue here is that many of these problems begin in our children and although not always apparent or even symptomatic in children it is the culmination of years of poor spinal function that ultimately contribute to the onset of postural and spinal conditions which may present as back pain in our adult life. present a back care feature annually and this year they are running a campaign targeted at children and teenagers, Back Pain in Education.

As an Osteopath I fully understand the importance of reducing the risk of back pain through education and I and The Bad Back Company fully support the 2017 Backcare campaign. See the link below for an information pack containing lots of useful information including:

  • A School bag weight chart
  • Know Your Spine Poster
  • Be Back Aware Poster
  • Stretch Out Poster
  • Posture info and more......

We also stock posture supports for teenagers, Posture Medic and Posture Support Brace


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