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Are Joya the best shoes to help lower back pain?

Are Joya the best shoes to help lower back pain?

Back Pain Help and Information

Are Joya the best shoes to help lower back pain?

How do Joya shoes help plantar fasciitis, heel spur and foot pain?

Joya shoes offer a truly unique walking sensation using patented Swiss technology. From your very first step in the world’s softest shoe you will notice the difference. The soft, flexible dynamic foot bed sets new standards in the area of comfortable footwear and is designed to help with lower back pain and foot pain.

As an osteopath I like the concept of a functional, dynamic shoe and this is why I continue to recommend them to my patients.  It is this functionality that sets Joya shoes apart from a conventional shoe. See our full range here

The Science. How do Joya shoes help lower back pain?

The unique design of a Joya shoe promotes ‘micro-movements’ in the small stabilising muscles of your foot which helps to strengthen your feet and restore a natural gait. These ‘micro-movements’ have a far reaching effect on you in helping to activate the sensorimotor pathways involved with the stabilising muscles surrounding your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. It is these micro-movements that help restore strength to your joints and stronger muscles help to restore natural alignments and improve spinal function and posture. Stronger and more efficient joints are a recognised key factor towards pain reduction.

Don’t just take my word for it. The AGR seal of approval.

What is the importance of the AGR seal of approval? The Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. has developed a decision-making aid for consumers: the AGR seal of approval. Essentially this seal of approval is only awarded to those products who have been subject to the strictest testing criteria with respect to both preventing backache and treating problems within the locomotor system. The testing is verified by an independent testing committee consisting of experts from various medical disciplines, so this recognised seal of approval is a highly respected award and helps consumers be confident that the product design is fit for the purpose of being a back friendly product. 

Are Joya the best shoes to help lower back pain?

How Joya shoes affect your body:

Bliss for Your Back

Increased pelvic and spinal movement. When walking in a Joya shoe the action of the soft cushioning heel promotes an increased movement in the pelvis and lower back at the heel strike phase. The increased movement as the heel sinks and absorbs your heel strike causes a small but relevant tilting movement in the pelvis and this tilting movement causes a degree of side bending in your lower back. Note. This movement is restricted when walking in a conventional type of shoe. These increased movements in turn stimulate the lower back muscles into action to work to create a stabilisation as a response to the pelvic movement. This natural and beneficial action experienced when wearing and walking in a Joya shoe gives your lower back muscles a ‘mini workout’ which I feel is a positive benefit for your lower back. All too often these core stabilising muscles are ‘under worked’ as a result of our modern lifestyles so by wearing a shoe that helps restore these muscles I feel this has to be a good and simple option for lower back pain.

The World’s Softest Shoe

Swiss technology. Joya shoes are designed to allow for a more natural movement of the foot by promoting a natural ‘roll through’ of the foot when walking.

They allow a three-dimensional movement of the foot during walking rather than a conventional shoe limiting the movement to a hard, restricted heel and forefoot strike. The more active 3D movement of your foot created by the Joya shoe and it’s soft midsole involves more muscle activity which helps with strengthening the muscles of the feet and ankles. Stronger muscles and a more efficient natural movement should help with conditions including:

  • Heel spurs
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hallux valgus (bunion)
  • Hallux rigidus (OA of big toe)
  • Fallen arches, flat feet & splay feet

More than just helping your feet.

An improved gait also has far reaching effects on more than just your feet. An incorrect foot strike and walking motion can place additional unnatural loads on your knees, hips and lower back and ultimately your overall posture as each area attempts to compensate. Over a period of time these stressful loads can lead to joint pain and stiffness due to inflammation and even lead to advanced joint wear and tear. By improving the action of walking you will reduce the negative unnatural stresses on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

Ultra-soft cushioning

Impact hurts!

By using patented PU ultra-soft cushioning in the midsole of the Joya shoe this results in a significant reduction of the impact felt in the feet, knees, hips and spine. This is particularly helpful for a number of conditions including arthritis in these joints.

We are very well designed, not perfectly I admit, but still very well designed to cope with walking, running and locomotion. However, our modern environment is harsh. By that I mean we spend most of our time walking and exercising on hard surfaces which challenges our shock absorption systems by means of a constant impact. The accumulative effect of this constant impact may be responsible for many of our lower back pains.

The Human Shock absorption systems:

  1. Discs, cartilage and joint synovial fluid. We cannot directly physically strengthen these parts of our body’s shock absorption defence system so any damage is permanent.
  2. Small supportive joint stabilising muscles. These muscles often become neglected due to our sedentary lifestyles and poor lifestyle choices. When these muscles become neglected and less effective they lose their strength and this weakness leads to an overloading of our spinal discs and joint cartilages which further stresses our joints. The good news is that unlike discs and cartilage you can actively retrain and strengthen your muscles, think of all those Osteopaths, Chiropractors, personal trainers, Pilates and yoga instructors who have been promoting the benefits of reducing back and joint pain by muscle strengthening, well now there’s a shoe that adopts the same principles!

Features of a Joya Shoe

Breathable insole

Flexible dynamic foot bed

Shoes are very comfortable

Tough, hard wearing outer sole

Stimulates your sensorimotor system

Decreases the stress on your locomotor system

Shoes are great for work when many of us spend hours on our feet

Shoes are proactive in self-help and management of back and foot problems

My thoughts:

“It’s the best shoe I know to activate the small but crucially stabilising muscles around your joints”

“It’s a functional shoe with a positive wellbeing effect on your body”

“It’s why I recommend Joya shoes to my patients”

"Backed by the AGR seal of approval"

 See our full range of mens and womens Joya shoes here