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Spotlight on Devil's Claw

Spotlight on Devil's Claw

Help With Arthritis

This Spiky looking herb, which gets its name from the hook like claws that cover the fruit, is native to the desert areas of South and South East Africa and has become famous for its anti-inflammatory properties particularly in the treatment of osteoarthritis. The medicinal properties of the plant are obtained from the roots and tubers and one of the active ingredients used for its anti-inflammatory properties is harpagoside.

It is a traditional remedy but in recent decades has been the subject of much research in an attempt to seek a natural aid to treat arthritic conditions. Some French studies have shown it to be as equally effective at treating the inflammation associated with arthritis as pain relieving anti-inflammatory drugs such as NSAIDs. (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) with particular good effect on the hip and knee joints. Laboratory studies show that the active ingredients of this plant can block several pathways responsible for joint inflammation.

Germany has long been a fan of this herbal supplement and its active ingredient harpagoside. The German government regulatory body, “The German Commission E” has approved Devil’s Claw in the treatment of arthritic conditions as well as for the treatment of digestive problems.

Furthermore, high quality RCTs, Randomised Clinical Trials, have compared the use of Devil’s Claw against a placebo. Patients taking the Devils Claw reported a significant improvement of their osteoarthritic pain compared to those patients who were given the placebo in the trials.

How often do I take it?

This herbal supplement is most commonly taken as a capsule like tablet and typically is one or two tablets a day but always read and follow the manufacturer’s advice before taking this herbal supplement.

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