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Covid-19 staged return to work  “The New Normal”

Covid-19 staged return to work “The New Normal”

An Osteopath's Journal

Covid-19 staged return to work

“The New Normal” 

Covid-19 staged return to work  “The New Normal”

Over the last 100 days life has changed in so many ways and I think I would be right is saying that all of us have been affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic to some degree. I have been a practising osteopath for 25 years and for me to down ‘tools’ in this way was not something I had ever considered in my career, nor had any of my patients. Even those on the front line would have seen dramatic changes in their work.

So, from the 23rd March I have spent some time having some well-deserved R&R and checking back in with all those jobs in my home that I have avoided for so long but now had no excuse not to do! I can’t tell you how tidy my shed is now!

However, always in the back of my mind was how will I make my clinic safe again? I spent lots of time researching, watching webinars and talking to my fellow osteopaths about how we as a profession could do our bit in ensuring that we were not only keeping ourselves but our patients as safe as possible in a way that treatment would feel as ‘normal’ as ever. 

Covid-19 staged return to work  “The New Normal”
Having set out a plan and further discussed this with my receptionists, who play a vital role in the daily running of the clinic, we formulated a number of measures that we could implement within the clinic so as to make a future visit to our clinic as safe as it possibly could be.  

I have put the following procedures in place to help protect us all.

  1. Upon entry you will see there is a new hand sanitiser station, that is equipped with a viricidal foaming hand sanitiser – this kills viruses.
  2. We will be regularly cleaning all our contact surfaces throughout the working day with a viricidal spray.
  3. My receptionists and I will be wearing masks. We will also ask that if you have a mask that you wear it when arriving and during your time within the clinic.  Do not worry we can supply you with a mask if you do not have one.  
    Covid-19 staged return to work  “The New Normal”
  4. When you see me, I will have a new PPE uniform and also be using gloves, apron and of course a mask. The gloves and aprons are all single use and are disposed of after each appointment.
  5. I will be taking your temperature, using a contactless thermometer, at the start of each treatment and I will also take mine at the start and the end of each working day.
  6. Finally, I have had air extraction units installed into the treatment rooms. What this means is that between and also during consultations the air in the treatment room will be extracted and replaced with clean fresh air. This I believe will greatly further reduce the risk of viral loading and infection risk.

I have truly missed my osteopathic clinic over the past few months and I am looking forward to returning to work to help rid you all of your aches and pains. For me it is a very enjoyable and rewarding job and I want to thank all of my patients for being so understanding and cooperative over this time.

 I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Covid-19 staged return to work  “The New Normal”