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A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer OUR SPECIALISTS BLOG
Diary of a back pain sufferer as we head into a new year and another full lock down…

Diary of a back pain sufferer as we head into a new year and another full lock down…

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer

As I look out the window at the grey skies and listen to the howling wind, I just want to wrap a blanket around me and lie in bed and read a book. But I know I should do the complete opposite and get ready then go on a walk and not let the demons of bad weather get the better of me.

It is understandable that many people are suffering with their mental health at the moment. It is so easy to think negatively and harder to think positively with the Covid-19 virus spreading like wildfires all over the UK. But we must be strong for each other and deal with what is making us feel low so we can help others who may also be feeling that way.

We only ever see blue skies when the sun shines, but if you think of something nice or look through your pictures from last year and find one you took on a beautiful sunny day then remind yourself where you were when you took the photograph you will soon feel your mood lifting.

Christmas and New Year of last year came and went and we were able to make our little Santa’s grotto in our verandah which was what we were hoping for. Our granddaughter was not sure at first about all singing all dancing Santa and his Reindeer, but she seemed to take to them in the end. We loved all the lights we put around the verandah so much that we left them up when we packed everything else away to enjoy on a summer’s evening. 

Diary of a back pain sufferer as we head into a new year and another full lock down…

I always think January is a long month, and I cannot remember the last January that was not wet. Where we live is quite high up and the rain comes running down our street and into the fields at the back. The soil in our back garden was so damp the worms seemed to have surfaced to the top and the blackbirds were having a field day fluttering over the grass to get their fill.

The rains had washed the streets clean and nowhere was the wetness more obvious than the grass verges and fields which we walk along so we had to try some new routes around the area. I think we are the only area that has not had a single flake of snow, but I would rather think about Spring than Winter. My aches and pains always seem a little less in the warmer weather.

I was missing my granddaughter an awful lot and kept trying to engage with her on our regular FaceTime, but she soon gets bored and runs off to play. I kept saying to my daughter that I was frightened she might forget me but all I got back was a facial expression which implied I was talking a load of rubbish.

I decided I would start some new crafts to pass some time by but then embarked on a bit of a change to my craft/office room. It only has one small window which overlooks the never-ending green fields at the back of the house but more often that not it is quite dark in the room. So, I decided to add some mirrors and started with four mirror tiles and then added another eight which made the room feel double the size. It also feels like I have two windows with the reflection of the one window I have in the mirror and the light is tons better.

Diary of a back pain sufferer as we head into a new year and another full lock down…
The first thing I decided to make was some hand made cards as I had told myself that I would write to all my friends in January rather than phone them. I do not know about you but when I hear something drop through the letter box, I always hope its something exciting for me like a magazine or something I have ordered online so I know my friends would love a letter through their boxes.

I had a little play sketching and painting with some bunny rabbits and some birds. Some of the birds I hand sewed and others I painted on the cards, but I enjoyed playing with them all and could not wait to get some sent off to my friends.

Towards the end of January, I was counting my sleeps to when my son and his wife moved to live not that far from us. My son and his wife have lived in Australia, New York, and London over the past 7/8 years and to be honest I thought they would never make it so close to us. I remember vividly the day they left for Australia. A little bit of my heart broke on that day as I knew I would never make it to Australia with all my back problems so all I ever did was dream of how nice it would be if we could all live close together.

They arrived in Brighton and that little bit of broken heart is mended and feels complete again. I have spent the last few weeks baking two or three times a week so I have an excuse to pop over with some more goodies just so that I can see them for real, even though standing a safe distance away from their front door. I then go onto my daughters who is only a mile from her brother and do the same there. I am what you might call one happy and content Mum now and I just cannot wait for Spring to arrive and hope we maybe nearer to being able to form a bubble again and at least enjoy each other’s company like we used to. 

Diary of a back pain sufferer as we head into a new year and another full lock down…