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A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer OUR SPECIALISTS BLOG
A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part Two)

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part Two)

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer

The sun is shining, and the air is still but there is also a strange quietness. Even though all the children are home due to Covid most parents seem reluctant to let them out to play so all I can here are the birds tweeting and the odd dog barking.

The garden birds are my sunshine, as I watch them play. There seems to be lots out there today, large and small, brown, red and stripped ones. I listen to their chirping and feel at ease listening to them busy with their young ones.

It is week 4 of the total shutdown and the weather has changed for the better so we take our regular walk in the countryside. My list of projects seems to be getting longer by the day so I need to focus and put them into some form of order.

I have been suffering a bit more of late with hip pain on both sides but particularly on my right side. It is even painful to lie on it but my low back is playing up as well so I presume it must be referred pain from that and just take some more extra medication.

I have projects to start so I cannot let pain get in the way of starting those. 

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part Two)

Hubby listens as I go through my list of projects probably thinking that I could not possibly get through them all but that just fires me up. We decide the shed is going to be my first project but I will need help from my husband with that.

I find a small footstool I can sit on and can paint the bottom half of the shed without it bothering me much. It’s not long before the shed really comes to life and my head is full of ideas on what to put on it to make it look really pretty and maybe create some shed envy.

We finished the painting in a morning and hubby decides the side gate should also be painted in the some colour so we worked on that in the same manor and the joint effort meant the project was soon finished.

I cannot wait to get settled in my cosy lounge to start looking for ideas on shed décor and spend hours browsing. I decide the windows need something as they are plastic (health and safety rules no glass in shed windows now) and decide a window film could do the trick. But I want something really different and unique and find one that has birds on it and send of for it eager to put it onto the windows. I am desperate to put some hanging baskets up but with lockdown it means no garden centers are open so I decide that false ones would have to do for now.

I wake up to another sunny day but with a lot of discomfort from my day of painting, so I am pleased my biggest project is done. We finish the shed together giving it a quick topcoat and I am thrilled with the end product. 

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part Two)

Once we had sorted everything out in the shed it gave us a lot more room and its not long before my brain starts thinking of what I could use the space for. It isn’t long before ‘dried flowers’ comes to mind and I am off again doing lots of research on which wild flowers are good for drying. We put a few lines of string across from the window to the other side of the shed and pegs are hung on it ready for my flowers to hang and dry. I am thrilled with excitement that I have thought of something else I could use my beautiful shed for.

I am missing my little granddaughter very much, but my daughter FaceTimes me daily and will sometimes pop over with her husband and dog to walk on the lovely South Downs. It means we can see them in real life, albeit through a window but it’s something I look forward to.

Now the weather seems to have settled down I think my next project should be the outside furniture seat cushions which all need replacing. I realise it is not something I could do by hand so I search the internet for a mini sewing machine and order the fabric and the machine eagerly.

I wait with excitement and bated breath for my new little machine to arrive so I can get started on my cushions but I have never made box cushion covers before so how will that pan out. You will just have to wait until next month to see how I got on.

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part Two)