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A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer OUR SPECIALISTS BLOG
A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part One)

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part One)

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer

It’s only 7am and I’m wide awake as my pain has woken me up again. A new day has begun. Just the thought of another long day in lockdown doesn’t fill me with excitement. I’m missing my loved ones something awful and, in particular my seven month old granddaughter. But I think of many far worse off than me who have lost loved ones during this awful pandemic and it makes me appreciate what I do have. 

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part One)

I do not want to disturb my husband as we have nothing special to do today just our routine of a morning walk in the beautiful South Downs countryside which we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep. We can literally step out of our front door and be on one of the many South Down routes within minutes which is something I really appreciate.

The trouble is I’m restless, very restless, so I quietly get up and close our bedroom door and, head downstairs to make a cup of tea. I sit pondering for a while in the kitchen and cannot hear anything except for the sound of the birds outside and I realise how quiet the surroundings have become. The sunlight shines under the door giving a halo of golden rays. I decide to go upstairs into my little den where I love to sit and write or craft.

My little den is my third bedroom which I have made into an office/craft room for me (and for my granddaughter when she is older). It has a little window in their which overlooks the beautiful countryside so I had a worktop built in directly underneath the window so that I could look out and admire the view.

It’s now 8.30am and I know my daughter will be up and busy with her little girl so I text to see how she’s feeling. It’s something I have done every day for the past couple of weeks as we think that both my daughter and son in law are suffering from Covid-19. My son in law seems to have got it worse and is sleeping in a separate bedroom because of the continuous coughing. The phone pings back quite quickly with a thumbs up sign, which means she had a good night and is she feeling better. This lifts my spirits straight away and I text back that we will FaceTime later.

I honestly do not think I could have managed without FaceTime during lockdown. I see my granddaughter daily, usually when she was having her bath as she loves having her bath and, quite often will get into a fit of giggles which would then make me giggle.

I decide it’s time for me to start making a ‘To Do’ list and fill my book of ‘The Little Book of Lists’ of projects I want to start to keep my occupied over next few weeks and possibly beyond. 

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part One)

Looking out of my window and across the fields the sky is a deep blue. You could be anywhere in Europe and it makes me smile as I sit and ponder what projects I want to start. I write on a number of blogs which is a daily activity I enjoy doing but decide it’s not really a project just something I love to do. It takes me away from into another place when I write. I find it very therapeutic.

We had a new shed put in the garden last year that needs painting so this project is put at the top of my list and is something I could do with my husband. I immediately think of how pretty we could make it look and feel inspired straight away. 

Another idea I write down is to collect 26 large pebbles and write each letter of the alphabet on them then pop them around the garden for when my granddaughter is older. I also want to make her a book from felt with lots of sensory things in it for her to enjoy so these two ideas go straight onto my list. 

With spring around the corner, I start thinking about the outside furniture and remembered that last year I had said we needed some new seat cushions and covers for the chairs outside so this also goes onto my ‘to do’ list. 

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part One)

I lost my Dad 18 months ago and I have promised my children that I will write his life story, so this was another project to add to my list.

I’ve always loved making handmade cards and thought to myself that it might be nice to paint a few water colour ones to send to friends to let them know I am thinking of them all during this difficult time, so this also goes onto my list. 

It’s now already past 9am and I can hear my husband moving around. He seems surprised to see me in my little den and I tell him what I have been up to. ‘That sounds great’ he says as I explain what I have put on my list, ‘But please don’t overdo things with your back and neck ‘. I promise him I will try not to but the trouble is that the warning bells don’t seem to ring until I have done the damage which can set me back quite a bit, so I have to try and be strict with myself and say I will only work on a particular project for half an hour then have a break.


A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer, Lock down. (Part One)
The biggest question now is which one I start first…