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A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer OUR SPECIALISTS BLOG
A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Suffer, Friday.

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Suffer, Friday.

A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Sufferer

The ringing of my alarm awakens me from a broken sleep, however despite my broken slumber I am feeling hopeful today, I have an appointment at the hospital with my pain consultant and we are trying some new injections (fingers crossed) I often find mornings a bit of a blur until I have taken some of my medicines and had that all-important cup of coffee, therefore an 8am appointment seems like a real challenge. However, with the nervous excitement of a new injection I manage to get myself up and moving with a new found positivity.


A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Suffer, Friday.

Once I had arrived at the hospital, I was taken straight in to seen my Pain Consultant (Maybe there are some benefits to getting up early, no waiting!)  We have spoken in depth over time about different procedures, medications and exercises that I have trialled some with great success and some with a little less. He has an aura about him that automatically makes me feel calmer, because I don’t think that you ever get over the slight trepidation that you have when walking into a hospital. We go through the injections that I am having again, one being in my upper right trapezius, near the shoulder blade, for those that are as baffled by the correct body terminology as I am and the other was going to be at the quadratus lumborum, located just above your hip bone. 

He then hands me the consent form and we both have a laugh about the fact I am potentially responsible for the deforestation of a small forest for the amount of these I have signed. Then that’s it I am on the plinth braced for something that I should be used to by now, then like always it is over as quickly as you would expect and that’s it, it is now 9am and I have finished my daily tasks!


I am advised to rest for 24 hours after this so my husband treats me to a little breakfast out and then we head home, he is excited about pottering in the garden as the sun has appeared and I am starting to feel a little tired. This is quite common and I have become very attached to a nap, I find they refresh me and I feel ready to conquer the world. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as we walked in and saw that I looked a little worn out, therefore I decided to take my nap a little earlier than normal, 2 hours later and I as I had hoped I felt refreshed and ready to get on.


I walked into the kitchen and my husband had just come in from the garden frightfully proud of the new bulbs he had planted.  We sit down together and enjoy some lunch, discussing our exciting house move and our new life by the sea, I cannot wait to move and get that fresh sea breeze around me. I find the whole energy is different by the coast.  I find that I can even go for a very gentle stroll with less pain when I’m down there.



A Day in the Life of a Back Pain Suffer, Friday.

The rest of the day passes by with a few phone calls and very limited chores as I am taking note of what my consultant and body is telling me and both have told me to rest. Whilst sitting down with my evening cup of tea I pull out my laptop and do a little bit of research on turmeric. I was reading the other day that it works as a natural anti-inflammatory and I am always interested in anything that can work alongside my NHS prescribed medication to help make my life easier and less painful.