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Posture Brace

To Help Correct Bad Posture

(5/5 from 24 Reviews)
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"Stop slouching and start to strengthen your postural muscles with this leading British designed support"
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Bad Posture is a common problem, partly because so many of us have a sedentary desk bound job. Prolonged sitting causes an imbalance in the muscles and tendons in our neck, shoulders and upper back. This can ultimately lead to poor postural habits and spinal alignment which all too often result in pain.

Do you suffer like so many other people with that annoying often burning type postural pain between your shoulder blades?

  • Look and feel taller
  • Corrects round shoulders
  • Prevents slouching while standing or sitting
  • Worn over the shoulders, like the straps on a rucksack
  • Start training your body to maintain a correct posture now

Our posture brace is designed for men and women who want to stop slouching, improve their posture and reduce the associated neck and shoulder pain. We even sell a Junior version for younger teens who are not immune to 'tech neck' bad posture. Correcting poor postural habits early on in life can only be a good investment.

  • Lightweight low profile
  • British design and manufacture
  • Can be worn under or over clothing
  • Hypo-allergic cushioned breathable fabric for maximum comfort

The posture brace is very discreet and comfortable when worn due to its lightweight and low profile construction. It can also be worn during all types of activities and in fact is very popular with golfers, horse riders (particularly those involved with eventing and dressage) and many other sports men and women.

Will my Posture Brace show when I wear it?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked because some wearers want to be more discreet, while it has to be said others are happy to show off their new support and posture. For those of us that want to be more discreet, for example when wearing the posture brace at work, then see images 4 & 5 where our model wears the support under a cotton fitted shirt. Please be assured we have not attempted to hide the support when the photographs were taken as this would be counter productive for you but as you can see the brace is virtually undetectable. The straps that go over the shoulder are thinner, although wider, than a bra strap so as you might appreciate they are not obviously noticeable.


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Measure Your

Lower Chest



28 - 32 inches

(71 - 81 cm)



32 - 36 inches

(81 - 91 cm)



36 - 44 inches

(91 - 112 cm)

To select the correct size measure around your lower chest at the bottom of your rib cage. See images for further size info.

Product Reviews
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hi ive worn the brace a few times. so far Good. but it very uncomfortable near the underarms and digs into the skin. maybe need to look at the design. but overall lets see
hi ive worn the brace a few times. so far Good. but it very uncomfortable near the underarms and digs into the skin. maybe need to look at the design. but overall lets see
I have developed rounded shoulders and upper back pain from bad posture at desks and the like. I found this website on a google search and very glad I did. This recommended back brace/harness is very comfortable to wear, its invisible under clothing and best of all it corrects my posture and helps my back no end. Can't recommend it enough. Its not very constricting, but obviously if worn for long periods may begin to pinch a wee bit (best to wear over a t-shirt). However thats not a huge negative as it works so well. Its really well made and as I say its very discreet, no one will know you're wearing it. Top marks.
I would agree with some of the views that this is better worn over a tshirt to avoid the straps cutting in. However it certainly makes me walk taller and has made me so much more aware of my posture, even when I'm not wearing it. Very pleased that I've found something that works for me.
My younger son came home one weekend wearing one of these braces. He sits at a computer eight hours a day and has developed very rounded shoulders. I sent for one and I wear it all day under my jumper without anyone noticing that I have it on. I forget that I have it on. It certainly corrects my tendency to slump. No, I do not feel like a turkey trussed up for Christmas. Well worth the money.
After my second shoulder surgery, I have finally made a full recovery (fingers crossed!) Although I have had a constant burning and tension all around my shoulder blades for the whole duration of the recovery. After reading the description I decided to give it a go. 2 days in and I'm already feeling a difference. The burning completely goes while wearing the brace. I have no doubt that in time it will completely go! So all in all a great product , defo worth the money and a complete game changer . Thank you so much !!
Jess Kilday
You can feel an improvement straight away when using this item. I bought the size suggested on the website for my chest size, but I find it very painful to wear without a t-shirt on underneath - the straps can be very sharp and harsh under the arms.
I bought the posture brace to help combat the shoulder slumping I am all too aware of whilst spending long hours at a desk. I've been incredibly impressed with the product which manages to correct my posture whilst wearing and has a lasting effect once the brace has been removed. It's incredibly comfortable and I immediately notice the difference when I put it on. I'd recommend the posture brace to all office workers!!
This thing is great. My posture have always been bad. With this product my shoulders get in to the right position and things happens, self confidence actually appears with the right posture. The design could be improved though, the rubber strapping close to cuts my skin in the crease of my armpits. I started using the brace over a thin long-sleeved jumper as it is unbearable to have it directly against the skin for many hours in work I wish I had had this brace as a teenager. Slouchy backs will get helped by this product. And the color is nice too.
Just purchased fitted once and fits well good quality expect this will help my wife who will use easy to put on over t shirt. Pleased purchased.
Wearing it has made me more aware of my posture and it definitely helps with improving my posture throughout the day. I find that wearing it over a t shirt is more comfortable than directly against my skin as it can cause some rubbing under my arms, but to be honest I feel it is a no pain no gain so I will definitely keep with it.
I bought this for my teenage daughter (16 years old) as I had got fed up of asking her to stand up straight. As you might imagine lots of 'oh mum..really' when I showed it to her but after taking a before and after picture on her phone she was almost speechless which is virtually unheard of! In summary she is now keen to wear it around the house, it's uncool to wear out, and she secretly likes it. I have also noticed she is now much more aware of her posture which has to be a good long term investment .
I bought this to help with posture, and it does help me to keep more upright with shoulders back. It encourages me to take longer strides when walking. On the downside, I find that the straps under the arms are inclined to cut if worn for long periods or when reaching upwards. I am also aware that a lump is visible through a shirt on the back.
Very good customer service. I ordered the wrong size but it was changed without any problem. The posture support is very good and I am most definitely seeing a change for the better after just 4 weeks of use.
Good product it would appear to be helping her posture.
This product is relatively comfortable to wear and it definitely helps me to keep my shoulders back. I am only wearing it for around 30 mind per day at the moment but when I take it off I notice a definite improvement in my posture. I can feel it working as I wear it, but it is not painful. Definitely worth the money.
For me posture is really important for my dance and I have used this to assist with perfecting my posture during my long days in the dance studio. Simple to use and very effective. 9/10
Gina Alessio
Firstly very pleased with the ordering process and quick delivery. I have only been wearing it at weekends so far but after two weekends my feedback is it really does make you aware of how to sit and stand correctly and is comfortable to wear.
this is a 3.5 to 4 start item, it works well and does have a good effect on my posture but i think the elastic that pulls round over your chest looses it strength quite quickly and then its desired affect. could be something to consider whilst trying the continually improve the product, its worth the money though
Very pleased so far. It's more effective than the cheaper one I tried before and will certainly last longer. I'm using it around 4 hours a day most days and I certainly feel straighter and more upright after 40+ years of bad posture. My only concern is that is it pinches around the front of the shoulders when worn directly on the skin so it might not work for me under a t-shirt in summer, but it's OK over a vest under a jumper at the moment. Probably needs something placed under the strap to avoid this problem.
This has really helped improve my posture awareness and when I look in the mirror I can really see an improvement.
I don't normally do reviews but because I'm so pleased I have. To sum up 'it's like cheating' but it really does make my posture so much better.
Peter French
I bought this to get rid of the annoying achey pain between my shoulder blades I get when sitting at work which comes on probably because I start slumping as the day goes on. It really helps support my upper back but the best thing is it makes you realise when you start to slump which I feel is the root of my ache and pain so very pleased.
I ordered this to help with my posture pain and showed it to my physio who was very impressed with the immediate difference. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Would highly recommend.
Mary McCarthy

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